CID fame Abhay Shukla is soon to be seen in a different role

Abhay Shukla, famously known as Inspector Nikhil from the famous Indian show known as C.I.D, who has also been seen in the movie, Holiday: A soldier is never off duty. Recently in an interview, he said that working with the team of CID was one of the great team that he has worked till now and the experience was amazing.

CID fame Abhay Shukla is soon to be seen in a different role

He also said that never in his life he thought he would be working in CID at the beginning he has always seen CID and he is always grateful to B.P Singh to give him such an opportunity to work. He also spoke about his experience working with Akshay Kumar and said that “Actually, I have met Akshay sir quite a few times before too as he has been on CID for various promotions. He is a very nice person and any person can work with him and I feel blessed to work with him.”

When asked about why he is always seen in the role of the inspector, he replied, “Now it has become my branding and people see me as police. And after working for CID, it has created an image of me as a super cop. And no matter what, the world wants to see a hero in a person and they see police as their hero. So I feel good about playing a police officer as the world sees and accepts them as a hero and I got the opportunity to play that.”

Abhay Shukla disclosed that in future he will be coming up with some new projects in which he will not be playing the role of an inspector and we will get to see him in different roles which will be a shock for his audience to see. He also added that it is a bit challenging and he is preparing for it and hopes to succeed.

He shares his learning that he learned while playing the role of the inspector, “I have learned that, if you do something wrong, you will always be punished for it and you cannot run from the things you have done. And people should always remember this thing. Few people call themselves citizens of this county, but their actions are not what they say, and that is bad for them as well as for the county. The only thing is, no matter what your age is and who you are or whatever you do, but if you do something wrong be ready for the consequence. That’s why always do good deeds and good deeds will follow you and this is the biggest lesson we need to learn. And this is my message to all my audience.”

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