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Top World News Daily

Top World News Daily (www.topworldnewsdaily.com) is based in Mumbai and envisions bringing latest national and international news around the globe to its subscribers live with focus to provide its viewers the News with in-depth analysis without any bias, it aims to enrich readers experience with facts and increasing knowledge.

While speed is the essence of News, Top World News Daily  helps its viewers / subscribers to know the world better with an array of news from Sports, Politics, Culture, Business, Education, Science, Technology, Lifestyle, Entertainment, etc.

While we focus on delivering the news with speed, being impartial, professional, empathetic and ethical are the virtues which drives us. The portal aims to bring the people and government of the respective countries closer.

Given to its wider acceptability the readership figure is rising day on day since its inception. Top World News Daily echoes the voice of the citizens of world.     

About the Founder:

Nasir Pipulkar is a Mumbai based working professional with diverse experience of more than 18 years in Hospitality and Financial Services, worked with MNCs like ICICI, Kotak Mahindra and HDFC.

A result-oriented professional, he is extensively experienced in Sales, Human Resources, Key Account Management, Training and Operations.