Taiwan Excellence: Boutique Design Aesthetics Light up the New World

Taiwan Excellence: Boutique Design Aesthetics Light up the New World

Taiwan Excellence: Boutique Design Aesthetics Light up the New World

Taiwan – Mumbai – According to the estimates of LED Inside, the size of the LED lighting market will reach 56.6 billion USD in 2023, with a compound annual growth of 9% from 2018 to 2023 and 3% from 2018 to 2021. Taiwan’s lighting industry has gone through the traditional industry process and, in the past ten years with LED as its cornerstone, it has become the third-largest supplier in the world. In order to break new ground and demonstrate their competitiveness, Taiwanese LED companies have invested in developing special lighting, fused with the international green energy trend to create a new market based on innovative design.

[The Hand behind-the-scenes to Light up the City – Rooster Lighting Co., Ltd.]

Rooster Lighting has been an exemplar of the “MIT(made in Taiwan)” policy ever since its establishment in 1989. In order to move with the times, Rooster Lighting applies multimedia and light carving technology to create a brand-new visual experience that features the interaction of light, shadow and space. Rooster Lighting’s designs are full of the emotional energy and spirit unique to Taiwan. Moreover, the beauty of Taiwan’s cities and the local culture integration are perfectly showcased through their lighting design.

In terms of technology R&D, the “Glass Solar Brick” was launched in 2020 with the concept of sustainable development at its core. These LED lights are powered completely by solar energy, and the floor tile coating is also made of 100% recyclable glass. It marksRooster Lightning’s first time to join the Taiwan Excellence Awards. Xu, Jin-hao, the Vice President of Rooster Lighting, said, “Lighting itself is actually an energy-consuming industry. We hope that we can transform the traditional industry through such products and develop the products towards smart and green energy”.

[The Stylish Energy-Saving Lighting Planning Expert- Epoch Chemtronics Corp.]

In addition, the ever-victorious Taiwan Excellence award-winning company, Epoch Chemtronics Corp from Hsinchu, has long been making industrious and enterprising efforts in the LED application industry. Currently, Epoch Chemtronics Corp., is one of the top three suppliers of LED backlight modules in Taiwan.

In 2020, their “LED Integrated Light – epoLoveWing” won the Taiwan Excellence Award again. This product can not only replace the traditional dome-shaped ceiling lamp, but also produces a soft, comfortable, uniform and natural light as an upgrade on traditional lamps with its beautiful, sleek design for large area lighting. The company’s services in the international market have a sterling reputation. For example, the supermarkets in Frankfurt Airport, Germany, the post offices in Belgium, and the commercial buildings in Dubai are all currently using the customized lighting planning services provided by Epoch Chemtronics Corp.

Based on four comprehensive criteria, “R&D”, “Design”, “Quality” and “Marketing”, the outstanding products with the most innovative value will be selected annually for the Taiwan Excellence Awards by TAITRA. Taiwan lighting companies have entered the international market with unique designs and professional green energy lighting technology, successfully illuminating our new world.


Award-winning Product-Solar Brick Light of Rooster Lighting Co., Ltd.

Video Link:https://vimeo.com/79364934

Award-winning Product-LED Integrated Light – epoLoveWing from Epoch Chemtronics Corp.

Video Link-http://www.lighting-epoch.com/chinese/product/detail.php?pid=3

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