Shibani Kashyap’s much awaited track ”Jogiya”

Shibani Kashyap’s much awaited track ”Jogiya” *featuring Dheeraj Dhoopar aka Karan Luthra and Smriti Kalra will reach deep within your heart.

Jogiya takes you on an easy Indian traditional love story ride which is warm sweet and innocent bringing the beauty of love alive with a folkish charm to it”

Rendered by Shibani Kashyap, who has been on the top of her game for decades now with bevy of hits to her credit, Jogiya happens to be her most recent glory.

Shibani Kashyap's much awaited track ”Jogiya” *

Emerged as one of the most distinguished voices in playback singing, Shibani calls Jogiya ‘special’ “Jogiya is a beautiful feel good song and I believe we need more of these considering the situation of COVID. The other day I was making my friend listen to the track and the first thing she told me was ‘I feel good after so long now that’s something you don’t hear every day. Yes, Jogiya is a romantic track but it’s the feel of the song which will hit you hard”.

Shibani also shares her experience of shooting in Punjab, says she feels more connected to her roots now “I haven’t been to Punjabi in a while. Sometimes work consumes you so much that you barely get time for things that deserve attention. We shot in Punjab and I have never felt so connected to my roots as I feel now. Sarso ka saag te makke ki roti, rajma chawal, aloo paratha with makhan had become our staple diet. Breathing fresh air, interacting with the locals was an experience in itself”.

Shibani also credits the team, specially Dheeraj and Smriti who were equally enthusiastic about visiting and experiencing Punjab as much as she was “We were a fun riot on set and offset. Both Dheeraj and Smriti are so warm and so much fun that our directors had to discipline us like babies. They made the song look beautiful”.

“Jogiya” is high on its musical richness, its subtlety and its uncanny ability to reach deep within our hearts of the audience.

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