Peter-loved by the audience in First Weekend

The first Marathi film of 2021 which was released in the cinema is Peter, got applause from the audience. The film had received immense love and support from the viewers. Aurangabad and Narayan Gaon had got houseful opening with many other centres single screen open with a fair amount of audience.

Under the banner of Aanandi Enterprise and Jumping Tomato Marketing Pvt Ltd in association with the 9SPROCKET ENTERTAINMENT, Peter is directed by Amol Arvind Bhave. The Movie is produced by Amol Arvind  Bhave, Dipankar Ramteke and Rohandeep Singh and co-produced by Paresh B Patil. The movie features Prem Borhade, Manisha Bhor, Amol Pansare, Vinietaa Sancheti and Siddheshwar Siddhesh. Peter released in theatres on 22nd January 2021.

Peter-loved by the audience in First Weekend

Peter is an emotional story of a 10 years old boy Dhanya and a baby goat. The innocent friendship between these two is heart-touching. The villagers were searching a goat for sacrifice but due to the village fair, all the goats had already been sacrificed and only one goat was alive who was too small for the sacrifice. They planned to sacrifice that goat after raising it for 5-6 months.

The raising of the baby goat comes to Dhanya who gladly accept it. Dhanya was called spiderman by everyone and his school friends called the baby goat Peter. The affection between Dhanya and the baby goat grew day by day. This made his mother worry about him, as the time to sacrifice the goat was near. The sacrifice of the goat was performed as a belief that his uncle could have a baby. But soon Dhanya comes to know that his uncle could never have a kid as his aunt was taking contraceptive pills.

Peter-loved by the audience in First Weekend

Director Amol Arvind Bhave said though a small movie, Peter comes up with a big message. The film deals with the exposure of faith and fate in the name of God. The film has all the essence of love, innocence, ignorance, faith, fate and above all superstition. The blind faith which is being carried in the name of religion is the crux of the film.

It is not the sacrifice of the goat rather sacrifice of humanity. The film is doing well in Maharashtra and I hope not only Marathi people but everyone should watch this movie.

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