PCACS Wins the Prestigious “Earth Day Star Campus Award” in the Category of Greenery and Infrastructure by ‘Earth Day Network India’

Pillai College of Arts, Commerce and Science (PCACS) (Autonomous), New Panvel was felicitated with the prestigious Earth Day Star Campus Award in the Greenery and Infrastructure Category for the year 2022-23 at the hands of Mr. Vinayak Salunkhe, who represented ‘Outreach Earth Day Network‘ which is a part of the Global Earth Day network.

Pillai College receives the prestigious Earth Day Star Campus Award, L-R, Vice Principal Deepika Sharma, Dr. Daphne Pillai, Mr. Vinayak Salunkhe of Earthday.org and Prin. Gajanan Wader

Earth Day is celebrated to build the worlds largest environmental movement to drive transformative change for people and the planet. Earth Day is an annual celebration that honours the achievements of the environmental movement and raises awareness of the need to protect Earths natural resources for future generations.

Earthday.org which bestowed the award on Pillai College has evolved into a largest civic event globally with the goal to safeguard our planet for a brighter future. The organisation is unwavering in their commitment to end plastics for the sake of human and planetary health. The institution received commendation for its dedication to environmental sustainability, including initiatives to green the campus, adopt eco-friendly practices, and promote environmental stewardship within the community.

Dr. K.M. Vasudevan Pillai campus, situated in semi urban region of New Panvel, Navi Mumbai has an effective recycling program. Their cafeteria is equipped with a vending machine which shreds plastic bottles into tiny scraps which are then taken away by the vendors who recycle them into micron fibres through the melt spinning method. These fibres are then used for manufacturing fabric which are used for making tee shirts, scarves, etc. The campus also has a nature club which collects plastic waste in and around the campus converting them into EcoBricks.

The institution has also adopted six villages under Panvel Municipal Corporation’s social enrichment program. The villages include Niwali, PaleBK, Ghoat, Nitalas, Valap, Vavanje where they have conducted tree plantation drives, water conservation programs and environment preservation awareness.

Dr. Daphne Pillai, Chairperson, Management Board, Pillai Group of Institutions, sharing her joy said, “That environmental consciousness has been integral to the institution since its inception. With the receipt of this prestigious award, Dr Pillai also emphasized a heightened sense of responsibility towards the planet.”

Dr. Gajanan Wader, Principal of Pillai college, commended the Environment Protection Cell for their outstanding efforts in maintaining a green campus and actively pursuing sustainability initiatives.

Ms. Kaynath Sayyed, Head of the Environment Protection Cell, expressed confidence in receiving the award, citing the environmentally conscious mindset embraced by both students and faculty members.

Mr. Prakash Manure, State Director, Maharashtra and Goa, NYKS, Ministry of Sports Affairs, Govt of India who was chief guest of the occasion at the Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony of the college was happy with the eco-friendly environment of the college and the eco literacy spirit generated by the college in the students. And, over the past decades, over 193 countries have observed the Earth Day celebration-empowering local communities, students, and governments to create a positive change for the planet, charging forward with the popular slogan, think globally, act locally.

A proud day indeed.



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Raghavendra Rao

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