Neha Lohia all praise for Priyanka Chopra Jonas, says working with her on a Disney project after years was amazing

Neha Lohia all praise for Priyanka Chopra Jonas, says working with her on a Disney project after years was amazing

Neha Lohia and Priyanka Chopra Jonas have been two successful, beautiful and ambitious female leaders of the entertainment business. While one has won hearts in front of the camera the other one is the creative genius behind the camera.

However, it was not the first time that both came together for a project. Neha has worked with Priyanka when she started her career with films like – Mujhse Shaadi Karoge and Aitraaz where they co-created special campaigns and even won awards “After all these years seeing her from behind the lenses in the heart of Hollywood and witnessing the transformation over the years was a totally exhilarating experience for me personally. It was one of those magical moments where lights came on as she lit up the shooting floor with her presence. Something’s have just not changed and that’s her core humane personality”.

After many many years, Neha and PCJ have again come together for another blockbuster project “Working for Disney to create this promotional campaign was both challenging and super exciting as we were dealing with animated content and matching it by shooting live-action with this diva, a super actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who for all of us personifies the lead animated character from the film”.

Sharing some anecdotes from the sets, Neha says “I have to admit a lot of things went a little wrong as per Murphy’s law on the shoot that day, it was one of those full moon day acts I tell you, but anyways, on an honest note, we did dance through a few challenges on the floor that day. We had to keep everything hush until the shoot time so certain unit members were very intimidated when they first heard the name of the personality they would be working with that day as we revealed it to them last minute”.

Further adding “There were crazy fires nearby in LA in some locations not too far from our shoot location. Be it getting the costume absolutely right to match the exact animated Disney character persona or the tech glitches in the middle of the shoot, the teleprompter died when we were in a major dialogue portion of the take, or how to get certain angles when matching with animation vs shooting live-action with a real human. Plus we had very limited time to finish everything and as a team, we figured creative solutions on the spot for all of them but I have to say, it is commendable, amidst all this chaos PCJ was an absolute delight, she was her calm and cheerful self just sitting in a space, mouthing the dialogues softly and talking to herself and sometimes sharing some thoughts with me while the teams were busy arranging the shots. My attention was on everyone because as a director, I was holding space and I was watching her also in between all that was happening and seeing the very human and innocent side of this magnum woman, as she was giving the required space and time to the production teams to get things rolling. She was also actively participating with her own creative ideas, solutions and suggestions which were all very welcome and she was very understanding and extremely humble and cooperative with the entire unit. Her vast body of experience, wit and charm managed to turn everything around even under the tremendous pressure of time lock that we all were battling on the sets that day, she was actually just like the character Elsa in the film! Ready for action, on the go. She sure is one of the busiest women in Hollywood yet she did not compromise on any of the commitments”

This film talks about the immense courage of this one woman “Elsa”. In a beautiful coincidence that most of the crew on the day of the shoot was filled with amazing women, the shoots line producer, the Dop, the main technicians, the spots, the lead actor of course and Neha “All women! It was such a delight and felt so empowering to be in the mix of some of the finest women in the industry from different parts of the world working towards Co-creating some amazing content”.

As a director, Neha would also like to add, that “Fire amongst us all is what keeps us going no matter what. What we see on screen or on the floor is only an extension of a reflection of who we are up to this point in our journey. Call it a passion for the profession or giving back or life itself, every act we do is in a way is a thank you and how you say it, how you do it in your own unique way is what you bring to this wildly crazy human experience. I have to say that even after all this fabulous fame and glitz Priyanka Chopra Jonas is such a grounded woman who is soo humane, that day I have seen in her more than just an actress. She who loves the stars and fantasizes for someone to bring all of them to her, she who gazes at the glitzy sky and the moon, she who gets excited and all lit up when talking about the universe and magic and she who has her eyes glowing with all these lil mysterious deeper conversations and am both glad and gratefully honoured for having had the opportunity to be a part of this experience & co-creation of a beautiful campaign with Priyanka, Disney teams, Image devices, the entire production and post-production teams here in Los Angeles, her entire staff of talented members her stylist, makeup and hair artist, her manager and all the units Pre and post both here in Los Angeles and in India”.

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