Maharashtra Cyber Advisory, Intimidating Email Fraud

Maharashtra Cyber Advisory, Intimidating Email Fraud

Maharashtra Cyber cell has alerted Internet users against an ongoing “fake” email campaign that claims to have recorded personal video of a user which could be published if a ransom amount in bitcoin is not paid.

In email extortion campaign, the scammers have sent numerous emails to people stating that their computers were hacked, a video was taken using their webcam and that they know their passwords.

The fraudster reveals some sensitive personal information like password, birth date, mobile number etc. to intimidate the victim and extort money.

The fraudster adds that he has installed a malware on the adult pornographic site which the victim uses frequently. Fraudster also claims that this malware takes control of browser, keyboard and webcam and he has evidence of victim watching porn videos.

The fraudster threatens the victim of having his entire contact list and that he will share evidence with all these contacts if payment is not done within 24 hours.

The mode of payment mentioned in the email is through bitcoins.

Maharashtra Cyber Advisory, Intimidating Email Fraud

Maharashtra Cyber cell, in a latest advisory, has said that these are malicious fraud emails.

Generally, such fraudsters buy credentials and personal information of victims on Dark Web from previous password breaches, or from other social engineering methods.

Keep changing passwords of your email and recovery email and regularly take backup of important data at regular intervals.

Enable 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) for email. It means if someone tries to login to your account, you will be informed through text message on your mobile.

Install a genuine antivirus and regularly scan your laptop and mobile for viruses and malware.

Always be careful before granting permissions and data access to any applications.

If any such email is received by an Indian national, he or she is requested to immediately register an offence at the nearest police station or alternatively report it online at


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