Bullman Records released music video Kya Tu Meri Hai

Bullman Records released producer-director Partho Ghosh’s music video “Kya Tu Meri Hai”.

Kya Tu Meri Hai

The Bollywood director Partho Ghosh has directed many superhit films like Agnisakshi, and Ghulam- e- Mustafa starring Nana Patekar.

Kya Tu Meri Hai is launched under the banner of Bullman Records at the Silk Route Club in Mumbai. The producer-director Partho Ghosh, executive producer Chirag Khan, and Bullman Records CEO Pragya Mishra were also present at the launch event.

The music video features Jannat Khan, Akash Gaharwar, and Samar Shukla, composed by Ramji Gulati, beautifully sung by Saniya Kadree, and Arjun Pandey, and lyrics by Bheem Pandey and Arjun Pandey.

Producer and director Partho Ghosh said that the new generation will be able to relate to this song as the theme of the song is such that everyone will connect with this music video. He also stated that the lyrics of the song have touched many hearts.

Actress Jannat Khan said that this was her first music video Initially, she was a little nervous and apprehensive but legendary director Partho Ghosh encouraged her which motivated her a lot.

Actor Samar Shukla said that he got a chance to work with a great director like Partho Ghosh in this music video, he also stated that it was a privilege to work with him.

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