Accident or Conspiracy: Godhra Undergoing Censor Process

Accident or Conspiracy: Godhra Undergoing Censor Process: The producer will soon unveil the trailer along with a new release date.

Accident or Conspiracy: Godhra Undergoing Censor Process

The highly anticipated film GODHRA is currently undergoing the censoring process. Once the immediate censor certification is obtained, the producer plans to announce a new release date along with the unveiling of the second teaser.

Originally slated for release on 1st March the film’s debut has been delayed until the censor certificate is secured. This crucial step ensures that the film meets all regulatory requirements before it hits the big screen.

The first teaser for Godhra sets a haunting tone, opening with a powerful image of the Sabarmati Express engulfed in flames. This gripping scene serves as a prelude to a narrative that delves deep into the shadows of the tragic Godhra incident. The film transcends mere entertainment, offering an exploration of a dark chapter in history that continues to evoke pain and raise unanswered questions more than two decades later. Adding to the intrigue is the timing of the film’s release – exactly 22 years after the tragic events of February 27, 2002.

Godhra promises to unveil the truth behind the incident, challenging long-standing narratives and assumptions. Produced by Om Trinetra Films the movie boasts a stellar cast, including Ranvir Shorey, Manoj Joshi, Hitu Kanodia, and Rajeev Surti. This ensemble of talented actors aims to breathe life into the compelling narrative of a day that altered the course of history.

Accident or Conspiracy: Godhra draws inspiration from the findings of the Nanavati Shah Mehta Commission, tasked with investigating the incident. The film’s objective is clear – to shed light on the truth, exploring whether the train burning was a tragic accident or a premeditated act fuelled by underlying tensions.

Director M.K.Shivaaksh stated that as the director of Godhra, my goal has always been to shed light on the truth behind the incident. We are awaiting the censor certificate to ensure our message reaches the widest audience possible. It seeks to unravel the complexities surrounding Godhra – from the incident itself to the ripple effects that led to the Gujarat riots. The teaser poses poignant questions: What lies at the heart of the Godhra incident? Why have the voices of the victims been overshadowed by narratives of happenstance and spontaneous clashes?

On this Producer B.J. Purohit  quoted that We’re working diligently to finalize the new release date for Godhra .Our priority is ensuring that the film reaches audiences at the right time and in the right manner. The censor certificate is a crucial step in the journey of Godhra. We are in the process of obtaining it to ensure the film meets all necessary standards.

Accident or Conspiracy: GODHRA promises compelling dialogue, captivating cinematography, and a deep dive into the conspiracy behind the horrific train attack. As the teaser unfolds, it invites viewers to contemplate the painful history that still echoes in the memories of those who bore witness to the burning train on that fateful day.

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