Gauraiya Live first look out

Based on true events “Gauraiya Live”  first look out.

Gauraiya Live

In recent times, the media has been flooded with heartbreaking stories of children falling into borewells or construction pits, and the subsequent rescue operations. Invariably, these incidents highlight the negligence of local administrations and the inefficiency of government machinery, leaving the impoverished children as the victims. Addressing these harsh realities, young director Gabriel Vats is set to release his film, Gauraiya Live.

The film’s first look reveals a powerful image – a girl’s face pressed against the walls of a deep pit. Above the pit, actor like Onkar Das Manikpuri is seen, portraying pivotal roles in the narrative. Another poster shows Onkar Das Manikpuri and Seema Saini sitting solemnly near a pit on the city’s outskirts.

Produced by Rahul Rangare, Dr. Nishant Jain, Rohit Raj Singh, and Rajeev Jain under the banners of Rare Films and Tea and Poetry films, 30 Hours Survival: Gauraiya Live boasts a strong ensemble cast with Ada Singh, Onkar Das Manikpuri, Pankaj Jha and Seema Saini in lead roles. Supporting talents like Ganesh Singh, Balram Ojha, Narendra Khatri, Vinay Jha, and Alok Chatterjee are also set to shine in significant roles. Set against the backdrop of Bhopal, Gauraiya narrates the tale of Rampal, a labourer whose world takes a tragic turn when his daughter Gauraiya falls into a borewell at a construction site.

Director Gabriel Vats emphasizes that Gauraiya is not just a film, it’s an emotional journey. Creating a film based on real events has been a thrilling experience for him. He describes Gauraiya as a symbol of human emotions and is excited to present this emotionally charged story to the audience.

The screenplay, written by Gabriel Vats and Seema Saini, is complemented by the soulful music of Sanjoy Bose and Seema Saini. The film’s poignant songs, written by Seema Saini, add depth to the narrative.
Onkar Das Manikpuri, essaying the role of Rampal, shared that Being a part of Gauraiya has been a profound experience. The story of Gauraiya showcases family bonds and the path of hope amidst difficulties. I always prefer portraying real-life characters, and ‘Gauraiya Live’ is based on such a true incident, presenting an emotional story to the audience along with entertainment.

Gauraiya Live is scheduled for release on March 8th, promising an engaging cinematic experience that blends entertainment with portraying a gripping true story.

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