Explore the majestic Taj Mahal through DJ Aqeel’s new cinematic EDM

Explore the majestic Taj Mahal through DJ Aqeel’s new cinematic EDM.

Explore the majestic Taj Mahal through DJ Aqeel’s new cinematic EDM

The Set will launch on 21st May, on DJ Aqeel’s Social Media.

In this current pandemic times, the rapid spread of the virus has created a lot of havoc around our country, and to eradicate this negativity and spread some hope and sense of positivity, the artists of our nation are dedicatedly producing content for their fans. Online release of films, music videos, and concerts have been one of the best sources of entertainment for people globally, but now with DJ Aqeel’s new set, EDM fans worldwide will get to explore various iconic locations whilst sitting at the comfort of their own houses. DJ Aqeel is renowned for his remixes of our Bollywood songs and is recognized as one of the best DJs our country has to offer. His new Cinematic EDM and Techno is an amalgamation of hit chartbuster songs coming up which cinematically features the scenic beauty of the world’s wonder The Taj Mahal.

This is the first time that there has been permission given to any artist to shoot on the premises, and through the trailer, it’s quite evident that this video is sure to take the audience through a rollercoaster of emotional and visual escapades. “This pandemic has restricted most of us to even leave our houses and hence I wanted to create a video where my fans could escape virtually and experience the beauty of various locations. I am really grateful to the PM’s Office and my friends Shailesh Sharma and Junaid Arfi who made it possible for me to make this dream project of mine a reality, by securing permission to shoot in the wondrous Taj Mahal. I am looking forward to shooting in many such exotic locations, which I’m sure my fans would love to visually experience”, said DJ Aqeel.

This set features the amalgamation of some crowd-pleasing songs with beats that are sure to mesmerize you. This is expected to be a visual as well as an audio treat for everyone who enjoys listening to EDM and Techno music. To make this set accessible to the mass audience, DJ Aqeel has decided to release this masterpiece on his social media platform. The entire set was shot by Mr. Maq & SMF films and managed by Mr. Aarav Srivastava, social noon. This Set will be released on the 21st of May and will be available for mass viewing worldwide.

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