Delnaaz Irani to make her YouTube debut with ‘Real Women, Big Stories with Delnaaz Irani’

Delnaaz Irani to make her YouTube debut with 'Real Women, Big Stories with Delnaaz Irani'

Delnaaz Irani to make her YouTube debut with ‘Real Women, Big Stories with Delnaaz Irani’

Delnaaz Irani has been a part of the industry for over two decades now, and though we have seen her mostly in comic roles, the actress has always been up for challenges and making a mark with her shows or films. She will soon be making her YouTube debut with her channel where she will be interacting with real women and their stories.

Delnaaz Irani to make her YouTube debut with 'Real Women, Big Stories with Delnaaz Irani'

Titled “Real Women, Big Stories with Delnaaz Irani”, the show will not be a celebrity talk show, but her intention here is to share the stories of common women who are giving their best in whatever circumstances they are in. 

She said, “I didn’t want it to be all fun and games and I didn’t want it to carry the image I have like it will be bubbly or it will have jokes or it might have some dancing. I wanted it to give a proper start to the channel and that’s why I have got a sponsor on-board and I have named my first show ‘Real Women, Big Stories with Delnaaz Irani’ because I wanted it to inspire people. It’s all about real women who are stars in their own right, who are stars in their story, the people who are the real heroines in the show of their life.” 

“It is very easy to talk to a celebrity and talk about their journey and their struggles but does anyone talk about a journey of a normal housewife or a journey of a middle-class cancer survivor or somebody who has a big shot husband and wants to make a mark for herself in her own right. So here every story of my guests will be absolutely real, candid and all the emotions are going to flow whether they cry or laugh, everything will be real because they are all real women. There will be no pretence and they are going to talk their hearts out and that’s what this show will be all about,” she added.

Delnaaz credited her good friend Rupali Ganguly’s popular show ‘Anupamaa’ for giving her the encouragement that she needed, and said, “This concept was there in my head, but I just had to speed it up and I just needed a little push to execute and that push was Rupali telling me to watch ‘Anupamaa’. I haven’t discussed this idea with her at all but when I started watching ‘Anupamaa’ it inspired me so much which made me think is Anupamaa real? Do we have such women in real life at this age and I think if there are women out there then we should be revealing these inspiring stories of them and around them to the world.” 

The “Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha” actress also shared her opinion about the online revolution and said that it has a bright future.

“Today people are doing so well with their YouTube channels because there is a lot of content that people are making, a lot of content that is out there, and some of them are so good. There is a place for everybody on this platform and there are no parameters that make any talent express their views or their talent for the audiences. If it is good, then it will be taken in the right spirit and I think this is the future,” Delnaaz signed off. 

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