Akull and Shirley Setia drop their new single “Hoodie”

Akull and Shirley Setia drop their new single “Hoodie”!

In a captivating blend of winter’s chill and the warmth of love, Akull and Shirley Setia beckon listeners to embark on an enchanting voyage through their latest music video, “Hoodie.” Against the backdrop of majestic mountains, “Hoodie” will remind you of how priceless little things are which are associated with our loved ones.

With lyrical choreography, each frame of “Hoodie” captures the essence of romance, as Akull and Shirley’s chemistry unfolds with every stolen glance and tender smile. The frosty landscape transforms into a canvas of affection, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the enchanting magic of love in a winter wonderland. Crafted by the talented duo Mellow & Akash Chopra, the lyrics of “Hoodie” resonate with heartfelt emotion, weaving a tale of love as enchanting as the season itself.

Reflecting on the song, Akull says “Hoodie’s music as well as the video will make you feel like stepping into a warm embrace amidst the winter chill. Shirley and I poured our hearts into every note, aiming to create something truly special that goes beyond mere words. We wanted it to be a cute love song that will be every couple’s go-to track. I hope people would shower as much love as they have showered on our past songs. Looking forward to people’s response!”

Commenting on the song, Shirley says, As artists, Akull and I wanted to capture something truly special with ‘Hoodie.’ These days it’s a trend how girlfriends keep their boyfriend’s hoodie just to feel them around when they are apart. It is a beautiful gesture and we had this concept in our mind while making this track. I believe it will be pretty relatable to everyone who listens or watches the song.”

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