Victim’s trailer launch will be released on Don Cinema OTT platform

The trailer of suspense thriller film ‘Victim’ was launched in Red Bulb, Andheri. On the same occasion, the film’s actors Aman Sandhu, Kuldeep Sandhu, Mohit Nain, Saafi Kaur including producer Nehal Singh, director Faizal Khan, writer Sanjay Joshi, creative producer Jyoti Gill, DOP Ranvijay Singh, editor Rajendra Ghadi, music composer Rigved Singh, creative head Karan Arora, Don Cinema founder Mahmood Ali, Satish Kumar, Don Cinema co-founder Aftab Ali, Don Cinema’s creative head role Kalita, DI colorist Shibu TS, costume stylist Sajjad Sheikh made special appearances. The film will be released on Don Cinema OTT.

Victim's trailer launch, will be released on Don Cinema OTT platform

People and media are shocked when Pradeep Bajaj, a high profile industrialist and businessman is arrested for rape in the film’s story! He is accused of raping his assistant Nisha. To save the company’s illustrious reputation and restore the trust of his colleagues and well-wishers, Pradeep’s wife Shalini took over the business and removed Pradeep from all his duties with immediate effect. Shalini also meets Nisha and convinces her to withdraw the charges in exchange for financial considerations. Pradeep’s car crashes in a very disturbing state of intoxication. Then everything seems to be back to normal and Nisha to has moved forward in life when she is abducted one evening.

Victim's trailer launch, will be released on Don Cinema OTT platform

The kidnapper takes her to a secluded place and closes with another girl. The kidnapper appears to be a psycho as he not only sexually abuses both girls but also angrily kills another girl in front of Nisha. He may have also raped the girl before being shot in anger. Nisha becomes more nervous when she realizes that Psycho plans to murder her. She attempts to flee but Kidnapper catches her. Nisha begs for mercy and agrees to do anything that Psycho says. On Kidnapper’s question, Nisha confesses that she had falsely accused Pradeep of rape. Kidnapper Mask Removal Nisha is shocked as it is Pradeep who had made this plan to prove himself innocent.

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