VARUN CHIBBER- Owner of Apollo Live Entertainment, Philanthropist, and a visionary launched the second food distribution drive

VARUN CHIBBER- Owner of Apollo Live Entertainment, Philanthropist and a visionary launched the  second food distribution drive.

Varun has been Selflessly serving people in the midst of a pandemic 2020 & 2021.

VARUN CHIBBER- Owner of Apollo Live Entertainment, Philanthropist, and a visionary launched the  second food distribution drive

In the present music and talent management landscape, Varun Chibber is definitely one of the elite names in the business. He undoubtedly has the highly coveted quality of being a respected dramatic thespian. He is one of those very few names who has been consistent in his creative endeavors and managed to create an organization that has become an integral part of the entertainment business in India.

A serial entrepreneur in music and talent management, Varun’s company – Apollo Live Entertainment, established on 2nd August, 2019 focuses to contribute many talents – each brilliant in its own creative field.    

Apollo Live Entertainment is an amalgamation of entertainment with future technologies. The company harnesses the power of music to unite people by curating unforgettable musical experiences and memories by way of hosting events, concerts and live performances for talented musicians who have a voice that deserves to be heard. Apollo Live Entertainment also helps young and aimless talents by offering its services as their talent managers.

Apart from entertainment, Varun has earnestly dedicated his life for the cause of serving people. He dedicated his 2020 to help the underprivileged from COVID and continues to do the same in 2021

In the wake of the on-going crisis, Varun has been supporting the families of daily wagers, he has taken charge of nearly 2000 household and decided to distribute essential food commodities in the COVID crisis.

“We have for a second time during this pandemic launched this food distribution drive. We have found that the lockdown followed by the ‘Mission Unlock’ coupled with the second dreaded upsurge in Covid related cases and fatalities has put a great strain on the lives of the marginalized sections of our society. We thus decided to split our distribution drive into two categories:-
1. Food grain kits providing balanced nutrition for the daily wage workers and slum dwellers who are struggling to survive the lockdown.
2. Nutritional kits as a token of gratitude to our frontline workers who have slogged at the risk of their own lives to fight this pandemic.

I firmly believe that in this country which grows more food than most other nations, no person should sleep hungry and I shall work with my team towards this belief. “  says Varun.

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