The Embassy of Japan brings Japanese Cuisine to Center-stage in India

After successful sessions at the IHM campuses in Delhi and Mumbai that saw Master Chef Hal Yamashita teaching attendees the nuances of Japanese cuisine, the embassy concludes the Indo-Japan initiative with an exclusive Japanese Seafood Soiree

The Soiree was hosted by H.E. Mr. Hiroshi Suzuki, with Katsura Sunshine as the Master of Ceremonies to set the tone at the Imperial Club by The Leela.

Japanese cuisine has taken the world and India by storm in the last few years with its delicate and distinct flavors attracting the food connoisseurs as well as the health conscious across the world.

Guests enjoying the authentic Japanese food at the Soiree

With an aim to popularize Japanese food culture in India, the Japanese Embassy offered a glimpse of the intricacies that go into Japanese cuisine and dining etiquette across several locations in Delhi and Mumbai through the month of March.

The first stop for Master Chef Hal Yamashita – the only Master Chef of Japanese cuisine globally, was at IHM Pusa Road, Delhi from Feb 29 to March 1, where he introduced students to the nuances of cooking Japanese food. He followed this with a session at IHM, Mumbai from March 3 to March 7.

This Japanese gastronomy fest concluded with an exclusive Japanese Seafood Soiree hosted by H.E. Mr. Hiroshi Suzuki with Katsura Sunshine as the Master of Ceremonies at the Imperial Club by The Leela. This event was organised in partnership with various Japanese restaurants like Fatty Bao, Izumi, Kofuku, Olive Bar and Kitchen and Bangalore-based EIJ (Enrich India and Japan) Consulting Pvt. Ltd., that introduces Japanese companies and products in the Indian market.

Sensei Aika Sakagami, who accompanied the Master Chef, took over the sessions on Japanese etiquettes, including how to eat and present the Japanese cuisine ‘Washoku’, registered as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. In Mumbai, the Japan Embassy also introduced special sea-food dishes in restaurants like Izumi in Bandra, Kofuku in Andheri, Olive Bar and Kitchen in Khar. Locals who visited these restaurants between March 3 to March 17, tasted first-hand, authentic Japanese seafood as part of their meals.

We see great potential for Japanese cuisine in India. Especially, we sense the expansion of Japanese cuisine in the Indian market post-COVID. According to a survey by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, there are 38,000 Japanese restaurants worldwide, but only 400 in India. This data strongly suggests the potential for Japanese cuisine in the Indian market. We believe that Japanese cuisine, enjoyed and cherished worldwide, will be similarly embraced here in India, becoming a part of daily food culture before we know it.”

We aim to be a bridge between Japan and Indias culinary worlds, providing people in India with a sense of security, safety, and healthiness through Japanese cuisine. We believe that we can contribute to enriching the lives of people in India by offering them a richer culinary experience,” said YOSUKE SHIBATA, CEO of EIJ Consulting Private Limited.

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