Taiwan Excellence Awarded Protective Mask & Clothing Industry

Taiwan Excellence Awarded Protective Mask & Clothing Industry

Taiwan Excellence Awarded Protective Mask & Clothing Industry 

Aiming for Post-Epidemic Business

Taiwan – An unexpected pandemic brought Taiwan to many international headlines. In spite of the fact that Taiwan executed a thorough epidemic prevention plan, the rest of the world is still suffering from this COVID-19 nightmare. How Taiwan as a member of this global village shares our epidemic prevention experience and countermeasures with the rest of the world is an essential contribution.

During this post-epidemic era, personal prevention has become an important subject to avoid any further outbreak. Taiwan put up a great fight against COVID-19 with phenomenal Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) which includes a face mask, gloves, protective clothing, goggles and face-screen.

Taiwan Excellence Awarded Protective Mask & Clothing Industry

Taiwan was only manufacturing 1.88 million pieces on a daily basis before the outbreak; however, our government pulled all the resources together within 40 days to establish 92 mask production lines. Acting as a national team, we are currently producing 22 million pieces a day. Now that Taiwan’s domestic epidemic situation is under control, our enterprises are reaching out to other countries such as the United States, Canada, and Germany offering package plant export.

As people of Taiwan move toward the epidemic new life, a face mask is the most important product when it comes to personal protection. Motex, one of the national mask team members, has been devoted to developing medical-use masks, gloves, and wound dressings. Their “Diamond shape Anti-leak PM2.5 dust mask” and “Diamond shape face mask” were also awarded with Taiwan Excellence awards in 2018 and 2015. Mr. Hsu from Motex marketing department mentioned that a factory expansion is on the way not only to increase the productivity but also to reinforce the quality control for all their MIT products. Ever since the restriction on exporting masks was lifted on June 1st, the international orders have been coming down like snowflakes with promising revenue till the end of the year.

Mask industry continues to deploy post-epidemic medical strategies. Taiwan Stanch not only establishes production lines in negative air pressure cleanrooms offering premium quality surgical masks, but they also produce innovations with fragrant, anti-UV, and high filtration efficiency functions. All these features show the world that a mask is more than just a tool in epidemic prevention; it can also be a fashion necessity in this epidemic new life.

Taiwan has not been manufacturing but importing protective clothing for medical staff working in high-risk areas. As global demand increases, many major textile manufacturers such as Makalot, Singtex, Tex-Ray, Sheico, New Wide, and Eclat have all launched production lines for protective gowns and clothing supplying over 2 million pieces on a monthly basis. Exporting of the finished goods can be expected while overseas markets are still under high demand.

Taiwan’s textile industry has been chasing after revolutionary innovations, functional fabrics is one of the most demanded in the market around the world, especially during this pandemic. Taiwan Excellence Award-winning enterprise, Singtex devoted years in R&D the enhanced fabric materials to make protective clothing more durable against its easy-torn fragility. We strongly believe that Taiwan enterprises are working tirelessly with each of their advantages for global prevention as long as this pandemic is still ongoing. More information on Taiwan epidemic-prevention related industries could be found on the Taiwan Global Anti-COVID-19 Pavilion 

site: https://www.anti-covid-19.tw/

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