Su-Kam’s Ownership Transition Sets the Stage for Exciting Growth

Su-Kam Power Systems Limited (Su-Kam), a leading power solution provider in India, has announced a strategic shift in ownership. A seasoned and dynamic team of professionals has taken the reins to steer Su-Kam towards new heights of success.

Mr. Vishnu Prakash Goyal, Managing Director, Su-Kam Power Systems Limited

The newly appointed management team, comprising esteemed individuals, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Su-Kam. Leading the charge as Managing Directors are Mr. Vishnu Prakash Goyal, Mr. Rajneesh Bansal, Mr. Ashok Gupta, and Mr. Navraj Mittal, each with extensive business experience. Their combined leadership acumen is poised to chart a path for Su-Kam that aligns with the companys commitment to innovation and reliability. Joining them in key leadership roles are Mr. Sanchit Sekhwal, Mr. Yajan Bansal, and Mr. Anish Gupta, further enriching Su-Kams management cadre with depth and strategic vision.

Announcing the new ownership team to drive the next level of growth, Mr. Vishnu Prakash Goyal, Managing Director, Su-Kam Power Systems Limited said, “The new ownership team, with their wealth of experience and strategic vision, will usher Su-Kam Power Systems into a new era of innovation and unparalleled success. Their collective expertise will undoubtedly propel our commitment to delivering cutting-edge power solutions for the benefit of our valued customers and stakeholders. This strategic realignment underlines Su-Kams unwavering commitment to adaptability and innovation in a dynamic market landscape, as the company remains resolute in delivering state-of-the-art power solutions that empower businesses and communities. Having solidified its standing as a market leader and a catalyst for innovation, Su-Kams management eagerly anticipates embarking on a prosperous journey. “

Su-Kams influence has transcended borders, establishing itself as a household name in the power backup segment across numerous countries. The company has firmly planted a robust global footprint, boasting an extensive network of over 25,000 dealers and a presence in more than 90 plus countries.

At the forefront of revolutionizing power solutions, Su-Kam has showcased a pioneering spirit in solar, inverters, and batteries. Renowned for its innovative technology and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Su-Kam swiftly emerged as a dominant force in the power backup sector. Over the last three decades, Su-Kam has achieved significant milestones by diversifying its product portfolio, delving into new segments such as renewable energy, e-mobility, and other sustainable energy products.

Addressing the surging demand for reliable inverters, it rapidly evolved into one of the most progressive and expansively growing power backup brands, setting a precedent by becoming the industrys first to export globally. In line with its dedication to environmental sustainability, Su-Kams commitment to green energy is evident through its expansion of renewable energy solutions, including solar products; Su-Kam is set to introduce an exclusive line of complete lithium product range designed for all various applications like: solar power systems, electric vehicles, ESS and telecom etc.


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