Strengthening Global Threads: UKESG Delegates Undergo a Multi-faceted Immersive Program at Manav Rachna

“In diversity, there is beauty and strength,” remarked Maya Angelou, encapsulating the profound nature of universities as hubs for global immersion and comprehension. In the realm of universities playing a pivotal role in fostering global engagement and mutual understanding, the recent visit to India by 16 HSDC students (Havant & South Downs College, UK) through the UK Elite Sports Group (UKESG), and hosted by Manav Rachna Institute of Research and Studies (MRIIRS) stands as a testament to international cooperation and exchange.

Rendezvous with legendary Kapil Dev

The UKESG visit emphasized Manav Rachna’s dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive academic atmosphere, aligning with its commitment to advancing global citizenship. This interaction highlighted the transformative power of international exchange programs in molding individuals into empathetic and globally aware citizens.

During their 17-day sojourn from February 20 to March 7, 2024 at the Manav Rachna campus, 16 HSDC students and faculty members including Team Leader Julio alongwith Mr Aaron Butson – Assistant Principal HSDC, Ms Bobbie Crown – Educational Visit Coordinator HSDC, and Mr Lakhbir Singh – COO UKESG, participated in a meticulously curated activities designed to imbue with not only domain specific knowledge but also a profound appreciation for kaleidoscopic tapestry of the Indian culture to provide them with domain-specific knowledge and a deeper understanding of Indian culture. From intensive football, cricket and shooting training sessions to engaging cultural immersion activities like bonfires musical evenings, and visits to historical monuments, the itinerary was packed with enriching experiences.

Upon their arrival in India on 20th February 2024, the delegates seamlessly transitioned into a series of activities, including culinary sessions, media workshops, shooting, creative workshops, bhangra sessions, and sports assessments at Manav Rachna Sports Science Centre. Moreover, the visit extended beyond the confines of Manav Rachnas campus, offering the delegates an opportunity to delve into the local milieu through visits to local markets, interactions with villagers, and much more. During their stay, the visiting students also forged lifelong bonds with Manav Rachna students.

An Insightful and Memorable Escapade

Delegates had the opportunity to visit iconic Indian landmarks such as the Taj Mahal and Akshardham, participate in design thinking session led by Adobe Expert and Sports Journalism workshops with India’s leading Sports Journalist, explore the local villages, trek in the Aravali range, and engage in yoga and meditation sessions. This intermingling of minds not only facilitated cross-cultural dialogue but also catalyzed the recognition of Manav Rachnas innovative educational practices on the global stage.

Dr. Amit Bhalla championed the vision of promoting international collaborations, while Dr. Hanu Bhardwaj, Director – Career Development, CRCDC, Ms. Ambika Vasudev, Head – Career Advancement, CRCDC and Mr. Agam Talwar – Administrator, Manav Rachna Sports Academy MREI, played pivotal roles in conceptualizing and executing the project.

Through such endeavors Manav Rachna has reaffirmed its steadfast dedication to cultivating cosmopolitan individuals endowed with the erudition, capabilities, and empathy requisite for flourishing in an interlinked world. As Manav Rachna navigates towards a brighter tomorrow, it remains resolute in its mandate to nurture a dynamic educational environment that empowers individuals to catalyze positive transformations in an ever-evolving global panorama.

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