Samsonite’s ‘Tested Like Samsonite’ Campaign: A Testament to Resilience and Innovation

Samsonite, the global leader in travel solutions, launches its exciting campaign, Tested Like Samsonite‘, which showcases a legacy of excellence spanning over a century. Redefining quality and durability, the campaign features influential personalities experimenting with a series of products, symbolizing perseverance and resilience.

Chef Garim Arora for Tested like Samsonite campaign

For over 112 years, Samsonite has been synonymous with being the trusted leader in the travel solution industry. The ‘Tested Like Samsonite’ campaign is a tribute to individuals who showcase courage and strength, even during adversities. In addition to traditional testing, the campaign draws parallels between the resilient journeys of each featured individual and the quality of Samsonite’s products.

Ms. Anushree Tainwala, Executive Director – Marketing, emphasizes, “Samsonite products are not just luggage; they are a testament to our commitment to quality and durability. Tested Like Samsonite is a celebration of resilience and quality. Our campaign captures the essence of Samsonite – durability and resilience. The purpose of the campaign is to ignite inspiration among our audience while underscoring our commitment to excellence.

In the fourth video of the Tested Like Samsonite campaign, Mamaearth’s Co-founder & CEO, Ghazal Alagh emerges as a beacon of resilience. Reflecting on the myriad pressures of the industry, she draws parallels to the durability of her trusted Samson products. In a fascinating demonstration, Ghazal Alagh subjects the Cubelite series to an intense test of impact and pressure, demonstrating how it remarkably rebounds to its original form, hence showcasing the ability to withstand the rigors of travel. It is a testament to the commitment, she reaffirms, that the brand epitomizes – strength and reliability.

The following video features Chef Garima Arora, renowned culinary expert, who showcases the strength and toughness of the Samsonite’s EVOA series in the heart of the kitchen. Subjecting the product to a barrage of challenges with extreme impact tests, from cracking nuts on top of it to turning it into a chopping board, Chef Garima Arora elucidates Samsonite’s commitment to crafting luggage with robust materials, designed to endure the more demanding impacts. Marveling at the EVOA series effortless resilience with its surface barely scratched, she reaffirms, “Because you deserve what’s only been #TestedLikeSamsonite.”

The campaign also features a diverse lineup including Karun Chandhok, Milind Soman, Sania Mirza and Vidyut Jammwal, reflecting Samsonites commitment to diverse talents and achievements.

The 6-part video series showcases the challenges each individual overcomes in their journey. Displayed across various mediums, the campaign will feature on digital platforms, outdoor spaces, and social media networks.

This campaign marks Samsonites commitment to offer world-class products and redefines the boundaries of innovation in the travel industry. It embodies the enduring spirit of Samsonites creativity and is a symbol of strength and durability.

Link to the video featuring Ghazal

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Campaign Details:

Brand: Samsonite

Campaign Name: #TestedLikeSamsonite

Original campaign

Agency: Lowe Lintas

Production House: Flying pigs

Director: Bharat Sikka

For Social media influencer campaign

Agency: Social Beat

Production House: Magix Engage

Director: Chinmay Deshpande

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