Mandys all set to unveil third Single “Ghar Jaane De”

Mandys all set to unveil third Single “Ghar Jaane De” in collaboration with VYRL Haryanvi.

Mandys, the rising star in the realm of singer-songwriting from the North, is poised to captivate audiences once again with his much-anticipated third single, “Ghar Jaane De,” in collaboration with VYRL Haryanvi. Seamlessly blending traditional raag with modern lyrics and composition, this track promises to be a musical journey like no other.

Following the trail of success from previous collaborations with Avvy Sra, Shree Brar, and Simar Kaur, Mandys continues to carve a niche in the music industry with his distinctive sound and innovative approach. “Ghar Jaane De” is a testament to his commitment to pushing boundaries and blending cultural elements seamlessly.

Mandys shares his excitement about the upcoming release, stating,“I believe music is a bridge that connects hearts across time and culture. Creating ‘Ghar Jaane De’ was indeed challenging as we know it is always difficult to fuse our classical raag with contemporary lyrics. Still, I believe we have done a good job bringing in both flavours together. Collaborating with VYRL Haryanvi has been an incredible journey, and I can’t wait for the audience to experience the magic we’ve created.”

With each release, Mandys continues to captivate audiences, weaving stories through his music that resonate with listeners profoundly. “Ghar Jaane De” is poised to leave an indelible mark on the music scene, showcasing Mandys’ evolution as an artist and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of musical expression.

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