Madras Grand Offers Attractive Food Deals for the Summer Tourists

It is well known that Tamil Nadu has many beautiful summer tourist spots in India. Every year thousands of travelers across India choose Tamil Nadu for their summer vacations. Thus the capital Chennai is the gateway for all travelers visiting Tamil Nadu. The city of Chennai has been offering its visitors for years, art, food, culture, hospitality and various interesting tourist experiences. Chennai is a favorite city for both luxury and economy travelers. Chennai has hundreds of star hotels for travelers to stay. Choosing an all-inclusive and economical hotel in the city is always a challenge for travelers. With such features Madras Grand Hotel Chennai is the best choice for travelers.

The Madras Grand

Aptly named after the yesteryear name for Namma Chennai, The Madras Grand is a conflux of convenience and old-world charm in one place. This hotel is located in the Egmore area of Chennai which is popular with travelers. The Madras Grand is the perfect little place to bring your family for a quick getaway or find a place to relax during your business trips. The Madras Grand combines local flavours while being affordably luxurious. The hotel is located at a distance of 1 km from the Egmore railway station for local passengers, 2 km from the Central railway station for international passengers and 18 km from the airport. With this, customers can easily access any part of the country from this region.

Madras Grand offers best Services and Comforts to Make the Guests Stay Pleasant and Comfortable, It gives a world class standard amenities in rooms. Its restaurant boasts a number of cuisines mixed with local flavours to give you a taste of Namma Chennai while nodding towards the global ambience of The Madras Grand. 200 to 250 guests can attend the event at the hotels Grand Marina Banquet Hall. And the hotels “rooftop” is designed to accommodate up to 250 guests for only dining. Its Madras Spice Restaurant has a seating capacity of 24 people. Madras Grand have total of 24 well-spaced Luxurious rooms, Customers can feel the old – world charm and they can avail very best unbelievably affordable prices.

Madras Grand Hotel, an integral part of Chennais hospitality industry, will make your summer vacation an enjoyable experience. Madras Grand has announced a 20% discount on food for all its guests traveling to Chennai this summer during 1st April 2024 to 31st May 2024. Madras Grand is committed to providing guests with an enjoyable travel experience with their families.

Customers can book their rooms in advance by visiting the website or mailing to

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