MAAC Concludes its 5.0 Edition of the 100-Hour Tech Challenge in 3D Animation Film & Mobile Filmmaking

Over 180+ entries and over 900+ participants from MAAC centers across India joined the thrilling movie-making marathon!

Students received 1400 man-hours of mentorship

MAAC, a premiere institute and a pioneer in high-end 3D animation Gaming & VFX training, organized “100 Hours – a Tech-Challenge to make Animated Movies and Mobile Filmmaking for the students of MAAC, pan India. The theme for this Tech-Challenge for the both the categories was “Kindness: Small Acts, Big Impact“, which commenced on 27th March 2024 and concluded in the evening of 31st March 2024.The event comprised a creative movie-making marathon where students relentlessly worked in teams and created 30 seconds of animated short movies and, 60 seconds of mobile filmmaking using their IOS/androids uninterruptedly for 100 hours (i.e. approx. 4.2 days without a break).

MAAC 100 Hours-2: MAAC students all-ready for the 100 Hours Creative Marathon

During the event the participating students received 1400 man-hours of expert guidance during the filmmaking process and hands-on experience on a production pipeline from start to end including pre-production, production, and post-production in 3D Animation. As part of this Creative filmmaking Marathon which lasted 100 Hours, students got to witness a one-of-a-kind experience working towards an output of an animated/mobile-made short film. The mobile film-making category was introduced for, the second time this year considering the significant consumption of content in the form of reels and short films by the youth.

The tech challenge saw high participation, with over 180+ teams (5 students per team) who created 180+ animated short films & Mobile short films. This means, nearly 900+ students (90000 man-hours) collectively created over 9000 seconds of films in 100 hours. (Students created 3000 seconds of Animation short films and 6000 seconds of short films in mobile filmmaking). The design of this tech challenge is based on the 360 Degree Skills Advantage principle of MAAC which puts student’s skills & talent to test and evaluates their preparedness for jobs in the industry. A student through this challenge gets to experience a real-life work scenario and monitor progress in line with the time given to complete the task while using various relevant software and back-end support extended by the centres. The challenge also gives them a hands-on experience of working in a professional studio-like environment making them highly skilled and workforce-ready from day one.

Kallol Mukherjee, Executive Vice President, International Business, Domestic MAAC & Aptech Learning said, “MAAC 100 Hours isnt just a competition; its a testament to the spirit of our students. Its about late nights, endless cups of coffee, and a passion that drives them forward. Witnessing their dedication and creativity reminds us why we love what we do. These students arent just learning; theyre thriving. As they pour their hearts into their projects, theyre not just honing their skills; theyre shaping their futures. Each moment of this exhilarating challenge is a step closer to their dreams. Its in these moments of pressure that we see their true colours shine brightest. And as they push themselves to meet deadlines and overcome obstacles, theyre not just preparing for a career; theyre becoming the industry leaders of tomorrow. MAAC 100 Hours is more than a competition; its a celebration of resilience, creativity, and maximising potential.”

MAAC 100 Hours-1: MAAC students geared up for 100 Hours of Creativity & Innovation

Winners of the competition will receive a cash prize, a memento, and a Certification of Merit. Additionally, all student participants will be granted a certificate of participation.

Through its top-notch curriculum and comprehensive skill set including technical prowess, industry acumen, creativity, teamwork, adeptness with deadlines, resilience, and personality development, MAAC consistently hones students abilities across various facets of the Media & Entertainment Industry, including 3D Animation, VFX, Gaming, and Multimedia & Broadcast. MAAC underscores the significance of initiatives like “100 hours” in not only equipping young individuals with essential skills but also priming them for prosperous careers in the Media & Entertainment sector.

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About MAAC

Maya Academy of Advanced Creativity (MAAC) is India’s leading training institute for high-end 3D Animation and Visual Effects. Founded in 2001, MAAC has trained over lakhs of students, worldwide. It has in total over 130 centers globally with cutting-edge infrastructure in over 65+ cities.

MAAC offers industry relevant career courses on 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, Digital Design Filmmaking, Broadcast, VR & AR. MAAC courses are thoughtfully designed to provide students thorough insights about the dynamics of the industry. It provides real-life training environment to students, backed by excellent faculty, world-class infrastructure, and the latest technical tools.

MAAC students are placed across all domains of the Media & Entertainment industry in India & overseas. With our job-ready courses, MAAC students are placed in leading production houses and studios such as MPC, Prime Focus, DNEG, Amazon, Redchillies VFX, Accenture, DQ Entertainment, Green Gold Animation, Technicolor, NDTV, IBN7, NY VFXwaala amongst others.

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