Know about Sachet-Parampara’s musical love story on the latest episode of Indie Hai Hum Season 2 with Tulsi Kumar

Know about Sachet-Parampara’s musical lovestory on the latest episode of Indie Hai Hum Season 2 with Tulsi Kumar

There’s a popular testament that music bring people together, proving this true the newly wed couple, Sachet- Parampara spill beans about their musical lovestory to the host and their dost Tulsi Kumar on the upcoming episode of Indie Hai Hum Season 2.

Talented singer Tulsi Kumar commences the episode with unplugged version of her latest track Tanhaai to welcome the power couple on the show. While they discuss about their relationship which is not less than a ballad, the duo also confer the changing scenes of music since they started out in the industry. Fiesty Tulsi Kumar tested the couple’s relationship with a fun filled game that got them to confess some truths as well as perform some dares. The chucklesome episode culminated in a melodious note when Sachet Parampara sang and glided through their latest composition, Mehendi Waale Haath.

Indie Hai Hum Season 2 hosted by Tulsi Kumar uplift and inspire various budding indie artists since inception. This very episode introduces the audiences to a fresh yet melodious voice of Kashmir with Yawar Abdal, a 24- year old engineer who left aside his established career to follow his passion in music.

Exhilarated about the latest episode, Tulsi Kumar comments, “Sachet Parampara impersonate the idiom two heads better than one not only in their personal life but professional careers too. Having delivered various hits, they truly make a power couple in every sense! Also, it was great meeting the gem of Kashmir Yawar Abdal, he is truly gifted and paving his way through success with some amazing work.”

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