Groove to Tips Punjabi’s new track “Patole” by Jazzy B and Sonu Kakkar

Every party and every wedding is incomplete without Jazzy B’s track. Tips Punjabi presents a cool peppy Punjabi track “Patole” by Jazzy B and Sonu Kakkar.

Now this song won’t necessarily make you feel like dancing but if you are a few Patiala’s down this is the perfect song to listen to. It will hit you where it should and will set the vibe of your house party in the right direction.
A full package that includes good beats and even better lyrics.

Groove to Tips Punjabi’s new track “Patole” by Jazzy B and Sonu Kakkar

Kumar Taurani says “Punjabi songs are a must have for any party be it a house party or a club and no one does it better than Jazzy B. He is the king of Punjabi party songs. The more you will hear it, it will keep growing on you”.

Jazzy B says “This Song Is Realy Extraordinary For Me Coz Working with Sonu Kakkar is Like Mesmerising and She is Like Family. She is Really a Gem and Rockstar Too. More Over the Grooves added by My Brother Kuwar Virk is Really Awsome. And Lyrics Wrote By Jung Sandhu is Really Great. Hope This song will do Great In Audience. And I always Thanks to Tips for Always Believing In Me and We Always Do Wonders”.

Sonu Kakkar says “It’s been a wonderful experience working with the Bhangra King Jazzy B! When I first heard the song I felt that the lyrics were demanding a lot of Attitude and Shararat in singing which I have given to the song, you will feel it after listening. Hope you all like this first Collab between Me and Jazzy Ji !! What a song !! Really enjoyed singing this one!”.

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