Food is love made edible and visible by two celebrated women- Neha Lohia and Shipra Khanna

What happens when two successful, creatively driven women collaborate to celebrate love in its purest and truest form?

Food is love made edible and visible by two celebrated women- Neha Lohia and Shipra Khanna

An author, director, entrepreneur, illustrator, meditator and an alternate content creator, Neha Lohia collaborate with ace chef and Master Chef Winner Shipra Khanna to bring some mouth-watering options for Valentines month and make each Day special to salivate your craving for everything delicious.

For both Neha and Shipra, this entire month is all about practising, celebrating and discovering the power of self-love and self-care “Love is all that matters. We are sharing a few simple and fun ideas to spark your own imagination and topping it with some yummy recipes for both – good food and self-love so you can share it and bring this energy in lives of all who you love” says Neha.

Food is love made edible and visible by two celebrated women- Neha Lohia and Shipra Khanna

“For anyone who has been in love, is in love or has witnessed and experienced love, there is no disputing that there is a strong connection between food and feeling of love. Both satiate and fulfil at various levels, creating passion, intimacy, fullness, satisfaction, desire and so much more” says writer, director and conceptualizer – Neha Lohia.

Ace Chef and Master Chef winner Shipra Khanna says “When Neha proposed the idea, I was immediately convinced. As children our first love is parents but our love towards food is organic. Good food is a mood enhancer by all means. I was great shooting and co-working and creating recipes which can totally rock your Valentine’s Day”.

With their idea of recipes for self-love in this Valentines Month, Neha and Shipra provoke you to ask yourself “How do you feel and express love best?” If you need some ideas then you must visit the page where all the action is- Instagram – @masterchedshiprakhanna and Facebook- @masterchefshiprakhanna where Neha shares her creativity via the work you will see and Shipra Khanna is seen doing various lil self-love & self-care activities, coupled along with preparing some of the simplest and yummiest dishes for the entire month of February. They are calling it the “month of love” and are determined to not limit it to just one form.

This thought provoking and the heartwarming initiative has provoked thousands of people and is inspiring them to find their own recipes for self-love, spend the day or maybe the entire month treating themselves with the most delicious treats, activities and meals, “it’s all about coming back to the heart space and feel at ease within ones own being and then it can be shared and spread like jam in everyone else’s life too, it all starts from within”. Neha.

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