Ek Nashebaaz is all about Life in the cage of drugs – Gabriel Vats

Ek Nashebaaz is all about Life in the cage of drugs – Gabriel Vats.

Writer-Director Gabriel Vats just completed the First shooting schedule of his movie Ek Nashebaaz in Uttarakhand.  Recently the teaser poster of the movie  Ek Nashebaaz has released. The films’ first look depicts the crux of the film Ek Nashebaaz reveals the darker side of the Rehabilitation centre. The first look of the film shows how the youth’s life is deteriorating after addiction to drugs. It is a serious path-breaking film. Ek Nashebaaz is story directed and screenplay dialogues Written by Seema Saini.

Ek Nashebaaz is all about Life in the cage of drugs - Gabriel Vats.

Gabriel Vats and Geetanjali Sharma are in the lead along with Govind Namdev, Pankaj Jha, Justin Rufus, Dhruv Deshwal, Vijay Vikram Singh, Manoj Bakshi, and Alka Amin. Under the banner of A Snipper entertainment LLP, Ek Nashebaaz is produced by Neeraj Sharma, co-produced by Rajeev Deshwal, Jyoti Panwar, Seema Saini, and Chandrakant Kumar and Ravi Verma is the executive producer. Seema Saini is the co-director and also has written the screenplay and dialogues. The music will be given by Sunjoy Bose. Ozil Dalal, Seema Saini, and Vikas Chauhan will give the lyrics. Editing by Ajay Verma and choreography by Nikhil Sharma. The film will hit the theatre in October 2021.
Ek Nashebaaz is a musical drama film. The film revolves around Noori, Rajnish, and the drug rehab centre. The pages of a hidden book open when psychiatrist Noori steps in at the door of a drug rehab center, where she discovers Rajnish’s life breathing in those dark walls which in turn becomes Noori’s life’s motive. Noori wins the struggle of getting Rajnish free from the Rehab centre, but fails to depart the dark memories of Rehab from his mind.

Prior to this Gabriel Vats had brought up a film based on the male pregnancy “I am Mr. Mother”.Gabriel believes to bring up such topic which doesn’t get any limelight. The film I am Mr. Mother had gained appreciation from none other than Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan . He was completely impressed and appreciated the concept of the film, terming it “really good”.

Ek Nashebaaz is all about Life in the cage of drugs - Gabriel Vats.

The music of Ek Nashebaaz is composed by  Sunjoy Bose and the songs are written by Seema Saini, Ozil Dalal, and Vikas Chauhan. The film features songs by KK, Nakash Aziz, Shaan, Shahid Mallya, Dev Negi, Piyush Kapoor, Pratibha Singh Baghel, June Banerjee, and Antara Shyam. 

On the release of the first look of the film, Gabriel Vats quoted we all are addicted to some kind of addiction. There is a need to understand the reasons for the addiction. Today’s youth are familiar with the addiction because in today’s youth there is some kind of communication gap. They do not share their pain, sadness, and conflicts. They keep those pains within themselves. The main motto of this film to find out those reasons which are vanishing some lives before knowing it.

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