Cricket Icons Unite: Parimatch Sports Hosts Exclusive Live Stream with Dinesh Karthik and Yastika Bhatia

The Womens Premier League entered its second week of intense competition, with players eagerly vying for the coveted champion title. In the midst of this excitement, Parimatch Sports, a leading sportswear brand inspired by the worlds top athletes, couldn’t resist orchestrating a special Instagram live stream featuring their brand ambassador, Dinesh Karthik, and the emerging cricket star Yastika Bhatia.

Parimatch Sports Hosts Exclusive Live Stream with Dinesh Karthik and Yastika Bhatia

Held on March 3rd at 11 AM (IST), the event was broadcasted live on Parimatch Sports official Instagram page, captivating fans globally and fostering an unparalleled connection between cricket lovers and their cherished stars.

During the 30-minute session, Dinesh and Yastika discussed the evolution of cricket for both male and female players, highlighting the rising prominence of the Womens Premier League. The conversation delved deep into the unique challenges faced by women in the cricketing world, along with the remarkable strides being made to bridge the gender gap in the sport.

“I think the strength of India is that women in our country are very different from what they used to be. They are very independent; they make decisions which suit absolutely what they want to do at this point in time. And this shows the strength of our country, as well as the developing nation, and that is seen through cricket as well,” shared Dinesh. “For now, in our country, I think a lot of the women cricketers are blessed by the WPL…most importantly by the kind of players that you rub shoulders with, the standard of cricket that is played,” he added.

Reflecting on the WPL, Dinesh and Yastika underscored the leagues pivotal role in nurturing young talent and propelling the growth of womens cricket in India. They emphasized the importance of fan support in strengthening players confidence, driving the success of initiatives like the WPL, and fostering a sense of community around the sport.

I think, at the end of the day, we are just products of how well we are supported by the fans, and that is the truth,” Dinesh noted. “Without the audience, without the fans who follow the sport, we are just a couple of players who have been playing for personal glory… The strength of the sport comes from the support of the fans, and it is great to see that WPL has really put a smile on plenty of people watching it, and that comes organically. It’s not something that you can make happen. It has to happen because people enjoy watching the sport and enjoy watching our play. And that is the greatest part of WPL.”

During the conversation, Yastika talked about the defining moment in her career.

“My cricketing turning point was when I met Kiran More. I was in the Indian team, yet to make a debut, uncertain about how things would go. It was at that time when I met Kiran. We trained for 45 days. In the first training session, he told me: You are going to be a superstar for Indian cricket. At that point, hearing something like that from him was unbelievable for me. I was like: How is that going to happen But he was really certain, he showed a lot of belief in me. I started improving my wicketkeeping, and it really helped. The next year, I got a chance as a wicketkeeper; and he gave me an edge over the rest of the players. So, credit goes to Kiran More; he improved my wicketkeeping. He saw that talent in me at that point and told me that I can go for tournaments from India as well,” shared Yastika.

Also, Yastika expressed her feelings about being part of the Mumbai Indians team, “I am so lucky to be a part of the family…the way they have accepted me, they have been just like a family…They always backed me, shown belief in me that I can win the game for Mumbai Indians…So, it’s been lovely to be a part of Mumbai Indians; They believe in fearless cricket, and that is a kind of cricket I really enjoy playing,” she said.

For those who missed the session, the live stream is available for viewing on Parimatch Sports official Instagram page. Stay tuned to Parimatch Sports social media channels for updates on future exclusive events and exciting announcements.

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