Celebrate this Holi with Purva Naresh’s musical ‘Aaj Rang Hai’

Celebrate this Holi with Purva Naresh’s musical ‘Aaj Rang Hai’

Celebrate this Holi with Purva Naresh’s musical ‘Aaj Rang Hai’

The teleplay brought to you by Zee Theatre is a celebration of human relationships and India’s diversity.

Zee Theatre presents the acclaimed play ‘Aaj Rang Hai’ on March 28th at 2 pm and 8 pm on TataSky Theatre. Written and directed by Purva Naresh, one of the most powerful and influential female voices in contemporary Indian theatre, ‘Aaj Rang Hai’ is a musical celebration of India’s syncretic cultural and artistic traditions through the poetry of Amir Khusrau.

A period drama set in post-partition India, Aaj Rang Hai invokes Khusrau’s all-embracing philosophy in an attempt to foster communal harmony in a society that is becoming increasingly separatist.

Purva says, “The play is set in post-partition India but there are many moments in the narrative that remind us of the headlines we see today. Love is the foundation of human existence, art, culture, of everything we are and do. The root word of humanity is human and we cannot be fully human without love. Hate does not just dehumanise the so-called ‘other’, it dehumanises us. What will remain of us if we only keep fighting?”.

Beni Bai is the pivot around whom the story revolves. She has a profound knowledge of the history of Indian classical music and uses it to counsel her neighbours – be it Fanney & Sharda’s inter-religious affair, Ameena & Vidya’s endless curiosity about love, life, and God, or whether Holi is a festival of only the Hindus – wise Beni holds the keys to all the complexities.

The play stars Purva Naresh with Trishla Patel, Sarika Singh, Prerna Chawla, Nishi Doshi, Purva Naresh, Pawan Uttam, Imran Rasheed, Hidayat Sami, and Danish Hussain.

Tune in to Tata Sky Theatre to watch Aaj Rang Hai on March 28 at 2 pm and 8 pm.

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