Buddyz Unveils an Exquisite Line of Divine Bobbleheads

BUDDYZ, a leading toy manufacturing brand, has announced the launch of modern-day Bobbleheads that promote spiritual affinity and celebrate Indias timeless culture of religious confluence and unity in diversity.

Buddyz Bobbleheads

Our product line includes Bobbleheads of Gods like Shree Ram, Shree Krishna and Ganesh-ji, to mention a few. We also have Bobbleheads of spiritual figures like Sai Baba, who relentlessly advocated religious inclusivity and unity in diversity,” said Buddyz Director, Bhavesh Sheth.

The avant garde Bobbleheads created by team-Buddyz, are a work of ingenious minds, that seamlessly blend spirituality and artistry. “These intricately crafted Bobbleheads are unique in more ways than one. These collectors items would delight both kids and adults alike,” Sheth enthused.

These originally created Buddyz Bobbleheads with patented design, are completely Made in India. They capture the essence of unconditional love, compassion and eternal harmony. “Kids will learn the values of world religions; and in particular, Hinduism, and the inner harmony they advocate,” Sheth informed.

Powerful symbols of auspiciousness, the Buddyz range of Bobbleheads radiate a positive vibe, instilling joy and inner peace. Industry experts say that the market for spiritually-inspired collectables is growing. “We want to take advantage of this favourable market condition and come up with something unique which are of value to everyone and Bobbleheads are the result,” explained Sheth.

Buddyz Bubbleheads can be used as play and pray companions. They can also be placed on car dashboards, or gracing tables.

We have a legacy of delivering creative, high-quality educational, and traditional toys. Bobbleheads, the latest in our series, will kindle the curiosity of children, and help them grow up as responsible citizens, respecting all faiths,” concluded Sheth.

Created from high-quality, re-cyclable, environmentally friendly, safe plastics, Buddyz Bobbleheads are available on BUDDYZ . They can also be purchased from popular online platforms like Amazon & Flipkart, besides being available at all leading off-lines stores like D-Mart & Archies Gallery.

About Buddyz
Buddyz a brand owned by Plastech International Pvt. Ltd., is led by Director Brothers – Bhavesh & Dhiren Sheth; and is a leading name in the toy industry, offering a diverse range of toys, including Bobbleheads, Activity toys, Educational & Traditional toys, Character Merchandise, DIY, Gifts & Stationery, Coin Banks and Customized Promotional Solutions. With a reputation for creativity and quality, Buddyz has been associated with companies like Disney, Doraemon & Chhota Bheem as licensees for their character merchandise. Buddyz has received numerous honours from the All-India Toys Manufacturers Association for their creative Toys, in addition to the National Productivity Council Awards from the Indian government.

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