BajajCapital in Partnership with UF Academy and Studios launches URJA- A Holistic Mind-Body Experience

BajajCapital, in partnership with UF Academy and Studios, proudly announces the launch of URJA – a holistic mind-body experience. As a BajajCapital CSR Initiative, URJA aims to revolutionize education by tapping into the latent potential of teachers and students through dynamic meditation practices. Inspired by the transformative power of energy, URJA seeks to blend ancient wisdom with contemporary techniques, fostering holistic growth and development in schools and communities.

The essence of URJA lies in its dedication to fostering happiness and vitality within the education community. Delve into an unparalleled rejuvenation, an experience that unfolds during the session. This exceptional program opens up a realm of well-being for both mind and body, leaving educators and students invigorated.

The URJA movement has rapidly expanded, reaching numerous schools and teachers within months since its launch in March 2023.

Teachers face significant challenges, enduring long hours and navigating emotional stress. URJA by UF transcends traditional programs-a movement empowering educators and students. URJA cultivates a calm and holistic energy experience using ancient wisdom with contemporary approaches. Validated by the UF Index, our impact is measured, fostering a culture of holistic wellness. Collaborating with Bajaj Capital, were elevating the quality of life in our communities, fostering abundance, and shaping a brighter tomorrow,” Ravish Dhamija, Founder & Chairman, UF Academy & Studios.

Bajaj Capital has always been driven by the purpose of Total Wellbeing. URJA, in collaboration with UF Academy, is an extension of that commitment. It goes beyond conventional initiatives, pioneering a new era in transformative education. With certified coaches and innovative techniques, URJA seamlessly integrates into schools nationwide, laying the foundation for holistic learning at the grassroots level,” said Rajiv Bajaj, Chairman & MD, BajajCapital.

URJA, a groundbreaking initiative by UF Academy and Studios, surpasses traditional programs and heralds a new era, shaping the future by unlocking the full potential of students. With certified coaches and innovative techniques, URJA seamlessly integrates into schools nationwide, laying the foundation for holistic and transformative education at the grassroots level.

The essence of URJA lies in its commitment to fostering happiness and vitality among teachers. Enhancing personal capabilities and effectiveness, dynamic teachers energize students and build resilient communities. URJA for teachers commenced on August 12, 2023, offering UFT L1 certification. Currently, 55 teachers are undergoing certification, paving the way for a more energetic and effective learning environment.

This distinctive program unlocks a world of wellness for the mind and body, energizing students. The URJA movement has rapidly expanded, reaching nine schools and over a thousand students within months since its inception on 16th March 2023.

URJA is a beneficial practice for teachers and students. It calms the mind, reduces stress, and induces energy! I recommend its incorporation into the school daily routine between classes,” – Ms. Mom Banarjee, Founder, Samridhdhi Trust.

Beyond classrooms, URJA is impacting communities. The UF Index, a science-based measure of energy and well-being, has become a tool for strengthening community dialogue and fostering a culture of holistic wellness. URJA is not just a program; its a movement that enriches lives, fosters prosperity, and paves the way for a brighter future.

About BajajCapital

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About UF Academy and Studios
Founded in 2014, UF Academy & Studios leads the way in energizing communities through mind-body programs guided by the precise measurement of the UF Index. World-class certified coaches merge ancient wisdom with modern neuropsychology, infusing calm energy into specialized sectors like Law Enforcement, Education, and Aviation. The programs are integrated into schools and police academies, empowering teams for agility and sustained impact, offered on-site and online.

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