Achieving Efficient and Sustainable Data Infrastructure: Standardization and Localization in Hyperscale Data Center Design by Netrack

During the time when digital interactions are escalating, cybersecurity and data protection are becoming important day by day, Netrack takes a leap forward in achieving efficient and sustainable data infrastructure with a focus on standardization and localization in hyperscale data center design. The recently introduced Digital Personal Data Protection Bill (PDPB), 2023, by the Union government of India has set the stage for a complete paradigm shift in managing and protecting data in the digital landscape.

Standardization and Localization in Hyperscale Data Center Design by Netrack

Netrack recognizes the importance Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2023. Netrack also acknowledges the role data centers play as custodians of sensitive information and emphasizes the need for compliance with these regulations. Hence, has ever since started to work towards aligning the data center practices and the data infrastructure management with the bill to ensure complete protection data. The objective of the bill is to fortify data security and privacy hence, it implies stringent security measures and encrypted data storage.

While the bill poses challenges, Netrack identifies the opportunities it brings for the data center industry. The increased focus on data security and privacy provides an avenue for data centers to redefine their roles as compliance partners for businesses. Netrack advocates for the enhancement of security infrastructure, urging data centers to adopt advanced encryption solutions and innovate in data storage, retrieval, and deletion approaches.

To ensure efficient and sustainable data center solutions, the choice of the right rack emerges as a critical factor. Netrack believes that customized racks are the cornerstone of optimization in data center design. No longer adhering to one-size-fits-all solutions, Netracks customized racks optimize space utilization, ensure efficient cooling, and strategically place equipment, thus minimizing energy consumption and enhancing overall performance.

Netrack has designed multiple such racks with varying load-bearing capacities, addressing the diverse needs of the data center industry. Emphasizing efficiency, Netrack provides accessories like air sealing kits, blanking panels, brush modules, and containment solutions to achieve the highest level of efficiency in data centers.

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