About White Grey And Silver

About White Grey And Silver

About White Grey And Silver

Each one of us has, at some point in our lifetime, experienced highs and lows. Sometimes even the extended lows trigger the obvious question, why me? What wrong did I do? We start blaming ourselves and our wild imaginations aggravate the adversity of the situation further.  

These lows often impair our thought process so much so that we start to believe that there is no way out of the situation. We just resign to our fate and get consumed by the situation by surrendering to it. 

I term such tough times as grey portion of life bereft of brightness but peppered with pessimism similar to the grey or inclement weather we face during monsoons.

Sometimes the intensity of pain is akin to the incessant rains that last for several days without allowing the sun to show up even mildly.

However, what we all fail to appreciate that rains wash away the dirt, reduces pollution by cleaning the atmosphere by bringing down the dust particles, makes the soil more fertile, paints mother nature with greenery, etc.

Similarly, troughs in our life teach us not to be complacent, be persistent and honest to our efforts, always have faith in our ability and be clear about our goals. Like during grey weather we realize the value of sunlight similarly, we learn to value our success and achievements during our tough times.

Like nature primes with youthfulness after monsoon abate we also achieve our goals and shine bright if we remain optimistic and don’t give up during tough times.

Remember, water when falls on ground results in new crops and fruits our failures provide us silver lining and teach us to remain grounded and modest when we come out of them and achieve greater heights.

Pankaj Maheshwari

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