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The Incomplete Man fame director Dhiraj Devendra Kotkar signed by Mohaan Nadaar of The Production Headquarters (UK)

The incomplete Man fame director Dhiraj Devendra Kotkar has been signed by the UK-based producer Mohaan Nadaar for two films. Both films are thrillers and women-centric. The first movie will be shot extensively in Uttarakhand and the second project will be shot entirely at various locations in the United Kingdom.  

Tentatively titled Production number one, the movie is set in Uttarakhand. For decades a serial killer had camouflaged himself well in a small town in Uttrakhand, the hilly state of northern India. Till something close to home triggers his urge to be stopped. A cat and mouse play ensues between the serial killer and the young female IPS officer out there to prove her mettle in a field that is considered to be a male domain.

The second project, Production number 2 is again a suspense thriller. Accused, incarcerated for being on the trial of an indictment of attempted murder. Nowhere to escape from a past that is soon catching up. Her only hope lies in her delusions or her reality. To be shot in exotic locations of The United Kingdom in the fall of 2021.

Casting and pre-production have started for both the movies. The cinematographer for the movie is Suman Sahu and the music score is by Daniel B George.

Director Dhiraj Devendra Kotkar recently completed shooting for The Incomplete Man starring Freddy Daruwala, Warina Hussein, Sharib Hashmi, Nagesh Bhosle, Alankrita Sahai and Tina Singh. The Incomplete Man raises very significant and socially relevant questions. The film is in post-production.

In this announcement, Dhiraj Devendra Kotkar said “I have been working with my writing team on these two subjects, finally we have now reached a good to go stage as far as the script is concerned. Casting and pre-production are my focus area for now.”

UK-based Mohaan Nadaar, Founder of The Production Headquarters (UK) is also kicked about the two subjects “Dhiraj is very meticulous and a good storyteller. After a few rewrites, the final drafts of both the scripts look very exciting”

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