Sufiscore, Prithvi Gandharv & Aishwarya Majmudar recreate an eternal poetry “Uzr Aane Mein”

Sufiscore, Prithvi Gandharv & Aishwarya Majmudar recreate an eternal poetry “Uzr Aane Mein”.

Originally penned by Dagh Dehlvi, and performed by Farida Khanum, Uzr, is one of the purest and most scintillating ghazals of its time. Prithvi Gandharv, a vocalist par excellence and a music composer beyond brilliant brings this old melody to an expert perfection and Aishwarya Majmudar, an artist of mellifluous repertoire, with grace and subtlety, brings it to song and screen with her prowess to capture both. The duo, along with musicians extraordinaire, present to you a simple song with metaphorical magnificence.

The lyrics are simply gorgeous- ‘Uzr Aane Mein Bhi Hai, Aur Bulaate Bhi Nahi, Bais-e-Tarq-e-Mulaqaat Bataate Bhi Nahi’ which means ‘my beloved, you don’t come to see me, and neither do you let me come hither nor do you spell the reason for our acquaintance to wither’. When love reaches a herculean heath, lovers are known to experience a hurting that’s so calm, quiet, but firm. And from that, blooms the wisdom of separation.

Aishwarya Majmudar, who is a singer, writer, and composer has rendered effortlessly in over 20 languages across 11 genres. She was the winner of Voice of India and has given her voice to many Bollywood films and Regional ones as well “Uzr has been my forever favorite Ghazal, and I’m more than honored to have been given an opportunity to bring it to life, both in song and on screen. One of those rare gems, this one has my whole heart. And with the way Prithvi has given it wings, this ghazal just soars! I’m super lucky, I’ll say, for Ab Koi Uzr Nahi.  Ab Mehfil Chhane Mein Hai”.

Prithvi Gandharv quotes saying “This absolute gem was on my mind and as a musician, I always wanted to create a fresh new sound without taking the pure essence this ghazal carries. Aishwarya’s mellifluous voice and her khoobsoorat adaaigi brings a different colour to Daagh Dehelvi’s Poetry. It’s an honest attempt from the artist and the biggest platform Sufiscore to create a new outlook of this whole tradition and keep it alive and evergreen”.

Sufiscore representative says “Dagh Dehlvi Saab was a legend that gave us poetry on love and heartbreak in the simplest and purest form of Urdu. Taking this into consideration, we wanted someone similar to bring this rendition to life. And we did get the perfect duo of Prithvi Gandharv and Aishwarya Majumdar who poured their souls into the music. Our attempt always is to give justice to the emotions of the poets who write the songs and we are glad that our impression of Uzr Aane Mein closely carries the sentiment of a beautiful yet hurtful separation.”

Sufiscore is not just a traditional label but a YouTube channel amassing millions of views of songs from the Asian and South Asian markets. By celebrating new creative processes with leading musicians adapting to adversity as they continue to explore global fusion, Sufiscore is opening doors to international collaborations wherever musicians are in the world. Through live-syncing, remote recording, and other practices, Sufiscore seeks to usher in new ways of making and consuming music online. In addition to the work of Pratibha Singh Baghel, Sufiscore has released Unbounded – Abaad by sitar virtuoso Purbayan Chatterjee, joined by Baghel as well as Béla Fleck, Gary Husband, Jordan Rudess, Zakir Hussain, Antonio Sanchez, and more.

Video Credits – Director: Charit Desai, Producers: Nitesh Ranglani & Parzaan Dastur, DOP: Mohammed Jani Sheik, Concept: Charit Desai, Creative Team (TCP): Virendra Rathod, Urvashi Gurdasani & Rupsa Basu, Cast: Aishwarya Majmudar & Anuj Saini, Associate Producer: Ekta Kapadi, Line Producer: Kuldeep Ojha, Production Designer: Sunil Jain, Costume Stylist: Vibhuti Chamria, Offline Editor: Milind Ratnakar, Choreographer: Lipsa Acharya, Casting Director: Gaurav Parmar.

Audio Credits- Singer: Aishwarya Majmudar, Music Re-created by: Prithvi Gandharv, Arranger & Programmer: Sanjay Jaipurwale, Flute: Paras Nath, Sarod: Sarang Kulkarni, Tabla: Prashant Sonagra, Guitar: Sanjay Jaipurwale, Mix & Master: Tanay Gajjar.

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