Software Technology Parks of India, Apiary CoE Launches Pollen Propel Pre-Incubation Program to Promote Blockchain Startup Ecosystem

STPI Apiary,a Centre of Entrepreneurship (CoE) in pioneering blockchain technology launched the pioneering Pollen Propel Pre-Incubation Programaimed at capacity building for tech students. The Pre-Incubation Program will focus on transforming blockchain ideas into innovative ventures by offering state-of-art technology, comprehensive resources, hands-on workshop, and expert-led sessions delivered by industry product leaders and solution architects. The event was organised at STPI office, Sector 18, Gurugram. The program was launched by Shri. Arvind Kumar Gupta, Director General of STPI in the gracious presence of industry luminary, Shri. Voruganti Aravind, Vice President, Information Data Systems Inc. (IDS),Shri. Ashok Gupta Director, STPI, Shri. Subodh Sachan, Chief Innovation Officer, STPINEXT, as well as other dignitaries from both the government and technology industry.

Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), Apiary CoE Launches Pollen Propel Pre-Incubation Program to Promote Blockchain Startup Ecosystem

The Pollen Propel Pre-Incubation Program aims to nurture and transform budding engineers into successful entrepreneurs specializing in Blockchain technology. The program represents a strategic effort to build new capacity in the rapidly evolving field of Blockchain technology, providing a robust platform for promising start-ups to thrive. The pioneering initiative will offer a substantial opportunity to innovative start-ups working in this technology for addressing issues that necessitate usage of Blockchain for establishment of trust in a decentralized manner and other purposes. To promote, nurture and grow this domain, the program will work under the ambit of STPI’s blockchain focussed CoE, Apiary to build skills to create feasible blockchain products, platforms and solutions to address real-world problems.

Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), Apiary CoE Launches Pollen Propel Pre-Incubation Program to Promote Blockchain Startup Ecosystem

STPI Apiary through the Pollen Propel Pre-Incubation Program will facilitate startups to conduct market research, validate business ideas, quantifying business potential, building proofs of concept, ensure effective iteration of ideas and create business models with the aim to engineer go-to-market strategies for upcoming blockchain solutions. Working under the ambit of STPI’s nurturing startup ecosystem, the Pollen Propel Program will provide promising blockchain startups with access to technocrats, mentorship, mentoring programs, and VC funding, with the ultimate objective to make India a world leader in the technology space, while also creating new businesses, and in term generating new job opportunities across new domains and innovative technology verticals.

During the inauguration event, the Director General of STPI, Shri. Arvind Kumar emphasized on the importance of this program in building a strong foundation for future tech leaders, “Our goal with the Pollen Propel Pre-Incubation Program is to equip tech students with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in the digital economy. By investing in capacity building, we are ensuring a brighter future for our technology sector. Apiary is committed to handholding and guiding young tech minds through challenges such as funding, competition, and regulatory hurdles. Our collaboration with government, industry, and academia is designed to support and nurture the next tech entrepreneurs who will drive Indias economic growth and establish our nation as a global entrepreneurial powerhouse specially in blockchain domain.

Sharing his insights, Shri Voruganti Aravind, Vice President, IDS said, “We are witnessing a unique confluence of trends of Entrepreneurship 2.0, Web 3.0 and Industry 4.0, which are together helping startups to ideate, innovate and implement solutions to real world problems. The Pollen Propel pioneering incubation program aims to not only build new capacities, but also equip budding engineers with the knowledge, skills, and resources required to excel in blockchain technology. The program aims to identify and evaluate promising blockchain entrepreneurs, providing them with the necessary support and a rapid prototyping sandbox to develop and scale their startups, develop and innovate new blockchain applications. The ultimate aim is to foster the transition of engineers to entrepreneurs through mentorship, training, and hands-on experience.

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