From a celebrated actor to a visionary director, Sai Deodhar’s entertainment focused YouTube Channel – Purple Morning Movies represents Indian Cinema through her creative eyes which touch upon issues that need urgent attention.

She dedicates Women’s Day 2021 to all the achievers who are breaking the proverbial glass ceiling and proving their mettle on different platforms through #WorshipTheWomanWithin.

It celebrates the womanhood and the spirit of a woman not just within you but also around you.

Being a woman means being herself unapologetically. Through sharing her ideas, pushing boundaries and finding her own voice, she can prove that although gender is a part of everyone’s identity, it should never restrict them to cultural boundaries of how a woman is expected to be. Women are all unique, and that’s the beauty of it.

She is the personification of ageless beauty, selfless love, purity, grace and dignity. She symbolises virtue, great inner strength, tremendous patience, resilience and fortitude.. and she inculcates the same values in everyone around her. A mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, the list is endless, a creator, this International Woman’s day Purple Morning Movies presents. A humble, heartwarming tribute to all the women .. who are Daughters Sisters, Mothers and Professionals at the same time, in their own rights.
This Milleu the slogan goes “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights”, so
Worship The Woman Within.

“I dedicate this to all those women who are successful and to all those who are trying to find their niche. Believe in yourself” says Sai Deodhar.

Lynette D’souza – Snake rescuer; Tanvi Rizvi – Artist; Prema Dsouza – Caterer; Jyoti Dhadsej – Boxer; Siddhi – Boxer; Munazzah – Boxer; Noor Fatima Rizvi – Architect; Michelle Robert – Hairstylist; Mahek Mandlik – Chef; Palash Dutta – Actor; Farah, Shona, Tanvi – Dancers; Anuradha Yadav – Bartender; Malkhamb – Ravi Manohar Gaekwad, Aishwarya More, Natasha Mhaskar; Old Age home – Elien Dmello, Evon Parreira, Carilyn Rodriguez
Old Age home caretaker – Maria Fernandes
Gauri Nayak – Petrol Pump; Sindh in Jar – Divya Lohana; Sneha – Pharmaceutical company
Aerialists; Arti Oriya – Acupuncturist; Chandra Mugdh – Classical artist; Shrabani Deodhar – National Award-Winning Filmmaker
Nakshatra Anand; Captain Annie Divya – Commander on Boeing 777; Parul Chawla – Entrepreneur Media & Entertainment Industry; Parleen Gill – Singer, Composer

The journey of an ordinary to the extraordinary women within.

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