Reena Jain has made a special identity as a model, anchor, and fashion choreographer

Reena Jain has made a special identity as a model, anchor, and fashion choreographer. Apart from this, Reena Jain is an Advocate, a News Sub Editor, an Event Organizer, and she is currently running a Cafe. Today she is telling her story before this identity.

Reena Jain has made a special identity as a model, anchor, and fashion choreographer

She was born in the very small town of Tirwaganj in Uttar Pradesh. Her family comprises of mother, father, one elder sister Asha and a younger sister Lucky. After four years, due to her father’s job, the family shifted to the Mainpuri district of Uttar Pradesh. She did her entire schooling from Mainpuri itself. She was very fond of modeling since childhood. At that time, she used to take photos by the reel camera in different poses. However, till that time she was not having much information about this field. Just her world was confined to home, school, and tuition classes, nothing was known to her about the outside world.

There was a big turn in her life when she stepped into the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur to do her graduation. Everything was very different there, people from different states in the hostel, strange relationship of senior-junior. Everything seemed fine, but there was also fear in her heart. At that time she got a lot of support from her elder sister. At that time it seemed as a bird had got wings to fly, now only had to learn to fly, but that was also not too easy.

During this time, She came to know about a beauty contest the fee of which was 3 thousand rupees. She did not have that much money, her parents did not like modeling work, so she did not get any help from them, then she asked her hostel friends, college teachers for help, but everyone refused. That’s why she was not able to participate in that contest. Later she and her sister started living in a room.

She stopped thinking about it because there was no hope of getting any support from anyone in an unknown city. But her sister did not give up, when she used to go to college, her sister would look for modeling work for her in the newspaper, then her sister came to know about a modeling institute from the newspaper ad. She and her sister reached there, then they came to know that it is a dance institute, where dancers work in local albums, she was good at dance since childhood, so she joined them. Danced in many albums, and then in 2004, she met someone there who told her about Miss Rajasthan 2004 and also got her entry in it without paying any fees. From here the journey of her dreams started.

She was selected in the top 5 of Miss Rajasthan 2004, despite not being the winner, there were discussions about her modeling. there was a person in the management who was very much impressed with her performance, he gave her many small and big fashion shows in Jaipur after the contest. At that time for one show, she was paid only Rs.500/-.  She was still very happy, this was just the beginning.

Meanwhile, she took admission in a Law College to continue her studies. Her sister did not stop looking for good modeling work for her. One day her sister saw an ad for an international jewelery shoot, which was to be held in Jaipur itself. The next day she and her sister reached there to meet them, she was selected after the screen test. After that, she shoot 3-4 times for them in Jaipur and she became their fixed model. This was her journey of 500 to 5000 pay. Till now she had been counted in the good models of Rajasthan And gradually been the top model. She Worked for many exports, jewelry, hair color companies in Jaipur.

Apart from this, She did shows and shoots in Delhi, Bangalore, MP, Mumbai. Slowly- Slowly her parents also started to support her.

In 2007, she started hosting events, big and small shows. Meanwhile, she got an offer from a company in Jaipur to choreograph a fashion show. she choreographed their shows continuously for 4 years, apart from this, she did many other shows as a fashion choreographer. Her younger sister also came to Jaipur after schooling. Due to a media job she shifted to Udaipur. She and both her sisters together made a house in Jaipur and shifted there along with their parents.

Journey to Mumbai
Many people like her were seen struggling here. Once again a different world was being seen by her, there was no one there, no support. she had to start from the beginning. here she did not intend to become the heroine of any film, she never had this dream, that she should do a film. she wanted to be a TV artist who becomes a part of people’s lives in their homes. She stayed in Mumbai for two years, where she faced a lot of Struggles in her life. she did some minor things but there was no satisfaction.

After coming back she started the event company
in 2016, her sister got married and so she decided to say bye to Mumbai and return back. She started hosting the event again in Jaipur. In 2017 she started an event company in Udaipur with her younger sister Lucky. Although she was working in the media in Udaipur. She had her own news web portal. All was going well. in 2020 the events were stopped due to Corona. After this, she worked as a sub-editor for a news agency. She started her own cafe in Udaipur in 2021. Right now, she is handling all her work from Udaipur itself.

This is her story, she understood from this that life and struggle are two sides of the same coin, always together. We think that our life is under our control, but the truth is that we go with the flow of life, and we do not even realize it. Wherever life will take me in the future, I am ready. Because every step of life is a new battle.

Don’t be afraid, don’t give up, just keep moving forward. Because this is the way of life, there is a victory only after defeat.
Keep smiling, keep smiling.

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