‘Nesterra’ from the House of Sutlej Introduces 4.0 Collection: Home Decor Fabrics that ‘Features You’

Continuing its commitment to exceptional quality and innovative design, Nesterra, the premium home furnishings brand from Sutlej Textiles & Industries Ltd., part of the K. K. Birla group, proudly introduces Nesterra 4.0 a culmination of artistry and innovation designed to elevate living spaces. The new series is all set to redefine home decor with 12 distinct collections, each designed to weave the personal narrative into every thread, creating spaces that uniquely reflect one’s individuality.

Mr. S.K. Khandelia, Advisory to the Chairman – of Sutlej Textiles and Industries Ltd. & Smita Joshi, VP – Home Textiles and Design Expert, Nesterra

In an era where personalization is paramount, Nesterras 4.0 Collection stands out by offering an array of fabrics that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Each collection within the series is a tapestry of stories, waiting to bring your vision to life. From the serene elegance of Curtain Bible III, where fabrics crafted from a luxurious blend of soft polyester cotton and polyester linen create tranquil havens reminiscent of sunset over calm waters, to the culturally rich narratives woven into “Tribaloom”, Nesterra 4.0 seamlessly blends style and sustainability. This versatility enhances the aesthetic appeal of any space and ensures that homeowners can embrace luxury without compromising on practicality, setting new standards in modern home dcor. The “Flawless Collection” epitomises this commitment with its easy-clean finishes, ensuring that everyday maintenance remains effortless while sustaining a luxurious look and feel. Meanwhile, “Urban Hides” redefines sophistication with sustainable materials that mimic the richness of leather, offering a guilt-free indulgence in luxury. Likewise, the Alchemist Tapestry invites you to indulge in luxury, embodying a perfect harmony of yarn and weave, ensuring each piece carries a unique handcrafted essence.

Global Traveller II

Furthermore, Mr. S.K. Khandelia, Advisory to the Chairman – of Sutlej Textiles and Industries Ltd., said, “Sutlej Textiles has been a leader in the B2B textile industry for many years. People crave homes that reflect their individuality, and thats where Nesterra comes in. Every year, new trends in home textiles emerge, inspiring us to create versatile and practical designs that reflect peoples unique personalities. Nesterra 4.0 is a tapestry of stories, a collection woven with the understanding that your home environment is an extension of yourself. We translate that understanding into an array of fabrics catering to diverse styles, because personal expression shouldnt be limited.”

Nesterra combines the words “nest” (home) and “terra” (earth). The brands latest collections are easy on the eyes, with its meticulous manufacturing accentuating the uniqueness of each individual. Their latest collections include:

Curtain Bible III – Discover the Perfect Drapery for Every Space: Nesterras Curtain Bible III invites you to unwind in tranquility after a long day. Crafted from a luxurious blend of soft polyester and linen, these fabrics hang elegantly, evoking the calm of a sunset over serene waters. Perfect for creating havens of relaxation, these drapes enhance your space aesthetically and offer comfort that rejuvenates the soul.

Silken Roots II – Discover the Allure of Modern Elegance: The Silken Roots II collection envelops the home in luxury. With a soft, luminous sheen reminiscent of moonlit satin, these curtains blend the allure of true silk with the practicality of modern fabrics. They feature abstract and geometric patterns and add a touch of contemporary elegance to any room, promising visual appeal and tactile comfort.

Global Traveller II – Promise of Endless Discovery: This collection takes the user on a journey of cultural exploration. Inspired by distant lands and nomadic spirits, it offers vibrant fabrics in bold and soft colours. From captivating ikkat to mesmerizing kilim, each pattern tells a story of heritage and adventure, transforming your space into a sanctuary of global inspiration and timeless beauty.

Morrison Blooms – Where Natures Beauty Blossoms: Inspired by the floral patterns of William Morris, the timeless garden celebrates the enchanting mirage of nature in full bloom. Reimagining natures beauty with a contemporary twist, these fabrics blend intricate designs with modern geometric elements. Ideal for nature enthusiasts, they bring the essence of blooming gardens into todays homes, capturing the artistry of bygone eras with a fresh perspective.

Simplore – A Harmony of Simplicity and Style: Simplore brings to life modern luxury, where delicate pastels and refined textures create an understated elegance. Designed to resonate throughout your home, each piece harmonises simplicity with sophistication, offering a timeless appeal that speaks of refined taste and quiet luxury.

Tribaloom – Threads of Tribal Tales: Nesterras Tribaloom Collection is a captivating journey into tribal traditions. Bold stripes and rich colours evoke the energy of ancient cultures like the Nagas and Bhujodi tribes. More than decoration, these fabrics tell stories of bravery and tradition, transforming your space into a cultural canvas alive with history and spirit.

Ornate Drapes – Every Stitch, a Story: Enchant your senses with Ornate Drapes, where delicate embroidery weaves tales of artistry and elegance. Each stitch is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, cascading gracefully to enhance your space with timeless beauty and a subtle colour palette that seamlessly integrates into any decor.

Flawless Collection – Refined Style, Responsible Living: Nesterras Flawless Collection redefines style with practicality. It features easy-clean finishes that repel daily mishaps while maintaining a pristine appearance. With a curated palette of calming tones, these fabrics offer both elegance and functionality, ensuring your home remains stylishly resilient in the face of everyday life.

The Alchemist Tapestry – The World in Your Home: Immerse yourself in luxury with The Alchemist Tapestry, a masterpiece collection that transcends borders. Inspired by global influences, each fabric reflects modern sophistication and timeless elegance. From cosmopolitan streets to serene landscapes, these designs create a tapestry of cultural richness, crafting a unique narrative that celebrates diversity and individuality.

Urban Hides – The Essence of Leather: Experience the essence of leather with Nesterras Urban Hides Collection, crafted from biodegradable materials for sustainable luxury. From smooth textures to richly-grained finishes, these fabrics offer a tactile experience that combines comfort with conscious design, enhancing your space with natural beauty and enduring quality.

Eclipse – Witness the Beauty of Total Darkness: Embrace serenity with the Eclipse collection, woven from premium fabrics that create a cocoon of comfort. Whether welcoming the first light of dawn or reveling in the beauty of nightfall, these curtains invite you to unwind and immerse yourself in moments of peaceful reflection enveloped in elegance and grace.

Everyday Luxe – Symphony- Where Everyday Living Meets Luxurious Harmony: Nesterras Symphony Collection harmonises comfort and style, with every piece designed to soothe the senses. Offering a tactile oasis amidst the daily rhythm, these fabrics weave a symphony of tranquility throughout your home, ensuring that every moment is embraced with luxurious comfort and refined elegance.

Excited about the launch of the new collections, Smita Joshi, VP – Home Textiles and Design Expert, Nesterra further added, “Our latest collections are a vibrant tribute to personal expression, where style, fashion, and colour converge in every fabric. At Nesterra, we believe that every home narrates its own tale, and our 4.0 Collection enriches these narratives. This season, we are thrilled to present an expanded array of fabrics, textures, colours, and patterns inspired by global influences. Each collection is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, showcasing intricate patterns, dimensional motifs, and abstract florals, complemented by exquisite embroidered finishes.”

With an aim to provide soft furnishing solutions specially curated for consumers, Nesterra inherits a strong legacy of over 75 years and decades of experience in yarn manufacturing under Sutlej Textiles, the flagship textile company of the illustrious KK Birla Group.

About Nesterra

Nesterra is a premium home furnishings brand in the upholstery and drapery segment from Sutlej Textiles & Industries that is part of the K. K. Birla group that specializes in the manufacturing of yarns for the B2B sector. Nesterra, the company’s first-ever brand extension focusing on a consumer-first approach draws inspiration from nature’s abode, curating elements from varied cultures that cater to every personality, diverse landscape, and experience, seamlessly stitching them together to create a tapestry of colour, emotions, and stories one can call their own. Born from an amalgamation of the nest (home) and terra (earth), Nesterra believes in bringing to life aesthetic living spaces brimming with nature, colour, and personality. With a strong retail presence across Tier I & II markets, the brand will soon expand pan-India to cater to the Tier III markets as well. Along with a wide network of multi- brand outlets providing creative solutions to the urban consumer looking for easy and convenient fixes with technology enablement for visualization, Nesterra aims to help inspire Indian consumers to redefine their interior landscape/living space. Do visit www.nesterra.com to know more.

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