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Love Struck: Sharn’s new single

Love Struck

Sharn’s new single ‘Love Struck’ is ready to steam hearts this Valentine’s Day.

Following the resounding success of his hit single “Mi Amor,” Sharn is geared up to ignite hearts once again with his latest release, “Love Struck.” Set for a Valentine’s week release, this enchanting anthem is poised to captivate lovestruck souls worldwide.

“Love Struck” delves into the exhilarating realm of infatuation, where every heartbeat resonates with the allure of one irresistible individual. With its pulsating rhythm and soul-stirring lyrics, the song offers a thrilling journey into the depths of romantic obsession.

“Bringing a simple yet heart-warming melody to Valentine’s week! Hoping everyone finds a piece of their story in this cute track and enjoys it to the fullest.” Sharn

Shot amidst the breath-taking landscapes of Canada, the accompanying music video serves as a visual masterpiece, elevating the song’s romantic essence to new heights. From the hypnotic rhythm of the ocean to the majestic dance of waves against the shore, each frame embodies a timeless serenity that perfectly complements the song’s emotive narrative.

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