Industry Titans Rally Behind Modi 3.0, Praise Economic Vision and Reform Commitment

Industry leaders from diverse sectors have resoundingly expressed support and optimism as Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarks on his third consecutive term. His tenure has been characterized by bold economic reforms and ambitious policy initiatives, earning accolades for creating an enabling environment for growth and development.

PM taking charge of the office of the Prime Minister of India at South Block, in New Delhi on June 10, 2024. Photo Credit: PM India Media Gallery

Under PM Modi’s guidance, India has made significant strides in economic reform, infrastructure enhancement, and business facilitation. Optimism abounds among industry leaders regarding continued economic growth and stability under PM Modi’s leadership. Anticipated improvements in manufacturing, agriculture, technology, and healthcare sectors are poised to generate fresh opportunities and employment for millions of Indians.

Overall, industry sentiment is one of confidence and anticipation, as leaders eagerly collaborate with the government to unlock India’s potential as a dynamic economic force under Prime Minister Modi’s visionary leadership.

Heartfelt congratulations to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his tremendous victory and forming the government once again with a vision of progress in the third consecutive term. We commend his steadfast leadership and eagerly anticipate further strides in Indias economic growth. Danube Group, deeply connected to Indian expats and their aspirations, looks forward to contributing to Indias prosperity and global advancement,” expressed Mr. Rizwan Sajan, Founder and Chairman, Danube Group.

Mr. Ajay Chaudhary, CMD of Ace Group, remarked, “We are optimistic that the newly formed government will take significant steps to bolster the real estate sector. We hope that critical issues, such as the implementation of single-window clearance, will be addressed promptly. This will not only expedite projects but also foster a more efficient and transparent regulatory environment.

Reflecting on the implications for the real estate sector, Mr. Vijay Jain, Managing Director of Star Estate, stated while congratulating Modi 3.0 team, “We eagerly anticipate continued progress and growth under his leadership, expecting this victory to pave the way for industry-friendly policies that will enhance the stability and prosperity of the real estate sector.”

We eagerly anticipate the country’s progress and global recognition to strengthen further. With the continuation of Prime Minister Modi’s term, we look forward to building upon the transformative policies initiated during his previous tenure, creating an environment conducive to high-quality real estate development and stronger global admiration of the country’s infrastructural growth,” said Mr. Arjunpreet Singh Sahni, Executive Director, Solitaire Group.

Mr. Hari Kaimal, President-Strategy and Development at Supersonic Imagine, conveyed, “PM Modi’s unwavering dedication to fostering economic growth in the country has been instrumental in achieving this remarkable milestone. Supersonic Imagine eagerly looks forward to continuing its support and confident of remarkable tenure of Modi 3.0 in history of the country.”

It is a historic victory which showcases Prime Minister’s inspiring leadership that continues to pave the way for Indias growth and development. We look forward to a future of progress and prosperity under his steadfast guidance,” added Mr. Kushal Patel, Managing Director, Axita Cotton.

Mr. Aman Choudhary, Executive Director Marketing at Anmol IndustriesLimited, added, “We must commend Prime Minister for successfully igniting a renewed optimism in the Indian economy, so much so, we have been a witness to the countrys rise as the worlds third largest economy. As industrialists, we eagerly anticipate his progressive policies to continue in his third term as well. Anmol Industries stands committed to actively contribute its bit to the countrys progress under his dynamic leadership.”

We believe the clear policy direction of the stable government will continue to bring about a sizable difference in the overall economic scenario of the country, keeping it strongly on a high growth trajectory,” highlighted Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chairman, Ramagya Group.

Mr. Manoj Gupta, Director, Fortune Marketing Pvt. Ltd emphasized, “We applaud his unwavering leadership and look forward to continued progress under his guidance, believing that the government’s steadfast policies, including ‘Make in India’ will further bolster Indias growth and development on the global stage.

Mr. Sanchit Sekhwal Goyal, Director of Su-Kam Power Systems Limited, noted, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership has fostered a conducive environment for industrial growth and innovation. We look forward to the sustained progress of the country under his guidance.”

Mr. Gautam Kanodia, Co-Founder, Kanodia Group, “Warmest congratulations to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his historic third consecutive term victory. His visionary policies have laid a strong foundation for Indias economic resurgence. We pledge our support to propel the industry towards greater heights.”

Md. Sharique Khan, Sr. Vice President-India Formulation Business, ArEx Laboratories said, “Heartiest congratulations to Prime Minister on his resounding victory and forming the government for the third consecutive term. His leadership inspires confidence and promises a bright future for India. Arex Group remains committed to supporting the nations healthcare sector and contributing to its robust growth under your visionary leadership.” Mr. Lokesh Vats, Director, Easy Solar Solutions Pvt. Ltd. shared, “We appreciate his governments significant steps to promote renewable energy, particularly in the solar segment, during its earlier terms. The governments continued commitment to this sector in its new term is expected to further bolster the renewable energy landscape.”

Winning the faith of voters for third time is undoubtedly the result of PM Modi’s continued commitment to promoting common man and industry-friendly policies, such as Make in India and digital interventions in the industry. As a distinguished player in the power sector, we expect the industry to gain confidence from a stable government and look forward to further advancements that will drive growth and prosperity for all,” added Mr. Rajinder Kaul, CMD, Sharika Enterprises.

Congratulations to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his decisive victory and forming the government for the third term. His visionary policies have paved the way for Indias progress, particularly in healthcare,” shared Mr. Sumit Arora, Director, Alniche Lifesciences adding that Alniche is dedicated to advancing healthcare solutions and Indias journey towards health and prosperity under your capable guidance.

The resounding support from industry leaders signifies confidence in Prime Minister Narendra Modis leadership to drive Indias growth trajectory forward with sustained economic reforms. The unwavering commitment to policy consistency and reform continuity has bolstered investor confidence, reinforcing India’s allure as a promising global investment destination.

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