ICode Foundation Launches the 8th Global Hackathon, Bringing Together 3 Million Students From Over 70 Nations

India | Singapore
With the success of the previous events, ICode Foundation proudly announces the launch of the 8th Edition of the ICode Global Hackathon – the worlds largest coding competition for school students. This years edition anticipates participation of over 3 million students from more than 70 countries, representing 10,000+ schools worldwide.

Winners of previous years

Participants from diverse regions including students from India, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, China, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, South Asia, and the U.K. will showcase their coding skills in the qualifying zonal, and regional rounds to represent their countries in the National Finals of the ICode Global Hackathon. In addition, they will participate in stimulating coding tasks that will put their computational skills and algorithmic thinking abilities to the test.

Driven by AI & Gamification, the ICode Global Hackathon provides a dynamic platform for students to demonstrate and benchmark their coding skills on an international stage with global peers.

Participation is open to all K12 students of various educational systems; renowned schools from various curricula, and other educational communities.

Catherine, the Global CEO of ICode Foundation, offers her warmest regards to each and every competitor while expressing her deep pleasure and enthusiasm for the upcoming, action-packed competition. “Students can evaluate their algorithmic intelligence and computational thinking abilities in a fun, gamified setting by using the global platform offered by ICode Global Hackathon. This is a unique opportunity for young coders, as it lets students compare their progress to peers throughout the globe.”

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