Honey Chourdiya an event manager believes to create something unique for her clients

Honey Chourdiya an event manager, I am a wonder woman but this truly is why I love what I do. I’ve worked in events for more than seven years and I thought why not start my own business bcoz I already find my speciality so I’ve organised 468 events in India. I am really interested in wedding planning bcoz we believe to create something unique for you so here we are to organise your events and makes you feel happy and satisfied.

we specialize in planning & designing highly personalized events, for bold, rebellious, and creative clients. After nearly a decade of planning weddings, we have developed a 3-phase planning process to help make your client experience enjoyable, fun, and easy to navigate!

Developing relationships with my couples is a critical part of our process. We’ll get to know your priorities and preferences so we can infuse personal details into your wedding experience. We will collaborate with you and assemble an all-star vendor team that is perfectly suited to your vision, vibe, budget, and style. We have invested many years into networking and relationship building and you’ll reap the benefits of our strong industry connections.

We have invested in cutting edge wedding-technology, to keep you organized and on track. Let us obsess over your rental order, budget and payment tracking, design management, menu adjustments, layout floorplan configurations, day-of-event flow timeline, venue rules and regulations, and vendor team leadership, so you don’t have to.

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