Healthy habits make a healthy lifestyle, here’s how celebs promote good health

Healthy habits make a healthy lifestyle, here’s how celebs promote good health.

Healthy habits make a healthy lifestyle, here's how celebs promote good health

On World Health Day, which is observed on April 7, celebs share fitness tips and how they promote good health in people around them. Here’s what they had to say:

Vijayendra Kumeria: I have small portions of food 5-6 times instead of having three big meals. I eat everything but in limit. I follow a half an hour workout routine, which means in that duration I have to do some activity, it may be weight training, bodyweight exercise, or just a walk, but something should be done. As for others, I share my diet and exercise routine with them. I am always open to give tips as I understand the basic fitness concepts.

Sharad Malhotra: I work out in the gym regularly, but sometimes when I am unable to do so because of my shoot I go for a run. I include a lot of greens in my diet and have plenty of fruits. I advise others to do the same, and if they are unable to go to the gym or for a run, they must take one hour out for themselves and do physical activities that they love, like dancing or playing some sport.

Zaan Khan: I am strictly against any dieting. People are obsessed with intermittent fasting and keto these days, but I feel they should be physically active, and do more physical work depending on the kind of food they eat.

Sidharrth Sipani: Eat good and healthy food and include lots of greens in your diet. This is what I do and ask others as well. With that, if one can spend at least half an hour doing exercises then there is nothing better than that.

Ashish Johari: I include lots of minerals in my diet along with water and walk as much as I can in a day. I feel this helps in maintaining good health. And I advise others of the same.

Shireen Mirza: For me, good health doesn’t just mean physical health but mental health as well. I don’t go and preach about it, but if someone asks my suggestion I make sure to give a valuable one, which includes the basics of what to eat and the importance of workout in our daily life. I have noticed a difference after making just a slight change in my regular lifestyle. Healthy living should be a lifestyle. You can’t just do it because it’s trending, it should become a part of you. My most common tip to others is to drink water as much as they can it not only keeps them hydrated but also makes their skin and hair look beautiful. Other than that, have a nutritious meal and at least 45 minutes of workout.

Prashant Bajaj: I drink lots of water and eat healthy as much as I can. Also, I feel morning breakfast plays a vital role in a healthy life. If you eat a healthy breakfast, then you will get a good health profile. And my advice is the same to others as well. Other than this, I recommend them to eat a high protein diet in the morning and avoid eating much at night.

Nyra Banerjee: I always observe my body after a meal. I check my energy levels, like if I am feeling low or energetic, and observe my sleep patterns too. I try to maintain a balance between nutrition and taste. I tell others that your state of mind and lifestyle go hand in hand. If u are not in a good state of mind you cannot have a good lifestyle nor will it give any results because you are not concentrating on doing the right things.

Prajwal Gupta: Physical activities are very important for me. Jogging, running, going for a walk after meals have become my habit now, it not only controls weight, but it reduces symptoms of anxiety, depression, and reduces the risk of developing health conditions. It has helped me to be more active and productive when I write something. Secondly, I feel people should never go on a diet, Instead of going on a diet, try adopting a healthier lifestyle. Focus on nourishing your body instead of depriving it. The gradual changes in our lifestyle are easier to maintain than major changes done all at once. I advise people to quit their unhealthy habits and make them realise that in return it’s taking something from you.

Hasan Zaidi: I wake up and have hot water with chia seeds it’s very good for the skin and it detoxifies you. I make it a point to have omega3 and amla juice every day. I meditate and eat healthily. A good mind, with clarity and happiness, will take you a long way. Eat healthy and timely to keep you physically charged and focused on your goal. I advise others to not overeat. It’s important to have more salad on your plate than anything else try and avoid sugar and fried stuff if you can. Always have a workout regime even if it is for 20 minutes, exercise your mind and body that will take you a long way.

Nivedita Basu: During the pandemic for good health a basic what we started doing is eating right and exercising which was never a part of us earlier. The only thing which I promote with my friends is good health. Many people try to diet or skip meals or over-exercise or not exercise at all, my whole thing is that money will come later, work will come later, but health is something which we can’t risk. This pandemic has taught us that. Things we took very casually earlier like normal cold and fever have become such a grave thing because of the virus. I think work comes secondary today, it’s all about health and mental health.

Saurabh Kaushik: Health is true wealth. I eat good food in discipline because eating healthy is very necessary. I avoid eating rice and fried stuff. I always prefer to eat roti, dal, and veggies as I am a pure vegetarian. I am done with dinner at 7:30 pm, it might differ sometimes, but then I carry my dinner on set too. I always try to follow my diet. I advise others to eat good and healthy food on time.

Rohit Choudhary: For being healthy you need to lead a disciplined life. You should wake up early, eat on time, take out 30 minutes for yourself and do exercise or play any kind of sports, these two will keep you mentally and physically strong. I always promote health, sports, and exercise amongst my friends. Whenever I go to any parties I tell others to be disciplined, avoid eating junk food, eat healthy like milk, curd, etc. I always post fitness-related things on my social media so that people get inspired.

Amit Mishra: I eat healthy food and avoid eating outside and do a little bit of exercise or yoga daily. I tell people to bring a routine into their life and devote at least some amount of time to their body.

Pritam Singh: Being a Punjabi I am a foodie and whenever I meet people I say ‘khao peeo aish karo mitro, dil par kise da dukhayo na’ (eat, drink and be merry, but never hurt anyone). I eat green vegetables and exercise regularly. I keep feeding my mind with positive things because a positive mindset is a key to good health. I advise others to eat good food, exercise daily, and do not diet because good health does not mean to cut off certain things from life. Yes, you can cut down on sugar from your diet, but once in a while, it is good to have a sweet tooth.

Prakhar Toshniwal: Most of the time my health has deteriorated only because of too much of anything. So I follow two simple rules for myself: never overeat and never overthink. I tell people that healthy living is just a matter of habit. You have to break a few bad ones and make better ones. Also, I’ve observed that the most common myth that floats around is that you only become physically fit by hitting the gym. The gym is good, but so are sports, yoga, dance, and so many other activities. I always prefer to mix and match. Also to be fit, you have to be strong physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Nikkiey Chawla: I am not a person who will go to the gym regularly, so I try to climb up and down the stairs 3-4 times a day. I don’t use a lift at all. I go on walks, and on days when I am unable to, I dance at home. People should include mild exercises, dance, or even brisk walks, in their daily lifestyle, which will definitely make a change. I tell others that a person’s body and their muscles act according to their age, so whenever I meet, say an autorickshaw wala or a vegetable vendor, I always tell them to give proper rest to their body. When I meet models who are obsessed with dieting, I always advise them to include a fish oil capsule in their diet. Even if they are dieting, the fish oil capsule will keep their skin and joints healthy.

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