Chanakya Dhanda’s Secrets of The Art of Investing & building Valuation

Chanakya Dhanda’s Secrets of The Art of Investing & building Valuation.

Chanakya Dhanda’s Secrets of The Art of Investing & building Valuation

There’s a definitive & unique business model of spotting the right investments & building a valuation around it that has been cracked by Chanakya Dhanda & his incredibly talented team & has become a case study for many others to follow. What exactly is he doing differently to get it right almost every time.

Says Chanakya Dhanda; “ How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts & FD’s? Successful ventures & their valuations are built not just by investing large amounts of money but with precise business strategies through experience, detailed research & hundreds of litres of sweat. I rest my case.”

With the pandemic stealing the jobs of many breadwinners and rendering the marketplace to be flooded with losses, Chanakya Dhanda spotted the unseen & unlikely investment opportunities and turned them around with incredible ROI’s across hospitality and trade sectors in Central and North America. He took the benefit of the openings & vacuum left due to the pandemic in both the sectors to structure smart & lucrative remunerative deals.

Says Chanakya, “Smart Risk will shatter the emotional myths to investing and help us see the opportunities in today’s volatile market. “I don’t waste food, water, money, time, talent & opportunities. The art of investing is not about figuring out what has already happened. It’s about anticipating the future, spotting the hidden opportunities, and creating the future that others will read about in various Journals across the globe.”

Not only did Chanakya & his team convert the adversities into opportune ventures by creating a platform early or at the right moment to bring in profitable dividends but also create job opportunities that will help the economies to become more robust. to grow furthermore. Chanakya Dhanda surely has extensive knowledge of turning over a strenuous business model into wonderful ventures.

An excellent example of this can be Sirkus- the only nightclub across the Indian subcontinent to be listed on the National Stock Exchange. A seemingly impossible task, Chanakya Dhanda has made Sirkus an ideal business model for all his competitors in the market. Chanakya’s strategy to operate every venture as a corporate business rather than looking at it with a traditional prism has further strengthened sustainability in the long term too. No wonder the valuation of Sirkus has already reached $6M USD, an unimaginable feat for an independent nightclub.

Chanakya signs off by saying, “I insist on a lot of time being spent, almost every day, to just sit and think, researching & strategising. That is very uncommon in most businesses today. What is a smart investment at one price is stupid at another. You are neither right nor wrong because the crowd disagrees with you. You are right because your data, research and reasoning are right.”

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