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Author and Illustrator Neha Lohia’s colouring and quotes book ”Dear Doc”

Author and Illustrator Neha Lohia’s colouring and quotes book ”Dear Doc”- Thank you for letting God work through your hands”. is a ray of hope, happiness, and positivity.

It is a grateful and prayerful reminder based artworks presented in form of colouring pages and quotes book for all ages.

“Dear Doc Thank You For Letting God Work Through Your Hands is a deep feeling of wanting something positive to happen and having faith that it will, it is hope”. Recognizing the sterling efforts of “The doctors, caregivers, therapists, healers, scientists, nurses, porters, cleaners and everyone currently working in hospitals and medical fraternity” to combat the unforeseen illnesses and especially right now the coronavirus pandemic, award-winning author, director, illustrator and producer Neha Lohia launched a book “Dear Doc Thank You For Letting God Work Through Your Hands”- a beautiful mirage of line arts inspired from real-life moments and supportive original quotes to imbibe faith.

Words and pictures that comfort, inspire and encourage people of all ages in these uncertain times to use creativity, their own hands and paint their imagination while expressing their gratitude to these medical professionals who she says are gods extended hands, these Corona Warriors, this book will help in building inner faith and knowing this phase too will pass. “I pray and truly hope that this book, Dear Doc can be of help and be a place of shelter for people in these challenging times as love and healing are the energies being called forth through the pages of this book.”

Ever since the recent launch of the book on world health day in India and worldwide, the response has been magnificent and it is touching so many lives in profound ways, Dear Doc is a relief to thousands and millions out there who are battling anxiety, desperation, mental-emotional breakdowns, and seeking some solace. A lot of people are getting copies of this as a Thank You for the corona warriors. “May all beings be happy, may all beings be healthy, may all beings experience ease of heart, and may all be grateful for this life.”

“This book is deep gratitude and reminder of certain life-altering moments when God showed up in different forms and touched our lives profoundly. It comes with tender art from the heart, small reminder messages as thank you to the beloved, the ultimate creator, God who is the ultimate healer and the guiding force behind all his extended hands such as Doctors and all energy workers that do his work in this world” says Neha.

All the profits and proceedings from this book will go towards supporting the people suffering in these times. This is the least I can do from my end.

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