Tips Music & Prerna V Arora presents “Bollywood Wala Dance” featuring Waluscha De Sousa

Tips Music & Prerna V Arora presents “Bollywood Wala Dance” featuring Waluscha De Sousa, the song that will keep you dancing on your toes without a pause!

The song “Bollywood Wala Dance” is an unmitigated dance number to recreate and outdo the magic as the previous music single Tips music has created. The song “Bollywood Wala Dance” is a perfect song for the new year party bash. Although the song has a western touch, it is undoubtedly high on its Hindi & desi feel.

Kumar Taurani says, “We are glad to be Collaborating with Prerna Arora has been strong support and driving force behind this song. She has been a great partner. Mamta Sharma I believe has delivered a trademark Bollywood Hit Track and Waluscha about to set the internet ablaze with this song ”.

Prerna V Arora says, “I am happy to be associating with Tips, Kumar Ji, and Waluscha. I’m glad to be part of this wonderful team. I strongly believe this song with be racing the charts soon all over. It was wonderful to work with Waluscha & Mamta. Piyush & Shazia were great to work with and they been amazing.”

Waluscha De Sousa says, “I am firstly thankful to Kumar Taurani sir and Prerna Arora for giving me such a wonderful track, I am very glad to perform for this energetic, foot-tapping song. I am very sure Bollywood Wala Dance is on its way to steal your hearts!”

Mamta Sharma says, “I absolutely loved recording this song. Perfect for the new year, the song starts with a very staccato folk-flavored vocal chorus that is really compelling. It makes you wonder, what the song will be as it plays on. What I like especially is the Hook Line itself, “Bollywood Wala Dance” isn’t an instant earworm. It was great working with Tips, Kumar ji & Prerna Arora.”

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