Terence Lewis turns actor for SK Music Works romantic ballad “Meherbaan”

Terence Lewis turns actor for SK Music Works romantic ballad “Meherbaan”.

The launch saw the presence of Angad Hasija, Sara Khan, Shakir Shaikh, Keshav Rai, Rithvik Dhanjani, Anjali Schmuk, Sudeep Jaipurwale, Sakshi Holkar, Aliza, Shwetaa Khanduri, G.K Desai, Ruhi Chaturvedi, Shivendraa Om Saainiyol, Amit Gupte, Prashant Virendra Sharma, Rehan Shah, Mrunal Jain, Ajay Jaswal, Divya Solgama.

Ace choreographer Terence Lewis will be seen in SK Music Works “Meherbaan” alongside Sarah Anjuli. It may not be the first time that his fans will see him act, but it is certainly the first time that he will be seen in a different avatar for his fans. 

Talking about the song, Meherbaan is like a blanket on a cold rainy day. You know the minute you drape it on, the feeling of warmth and familiarity starts to creep in slowly, it’s a touching, romantic & soulful, the kind of song that will remain on your playlist for a long.
The song is extensively shot in exquisite locales of Kashmir and has a very fine texture in its making and beautiful landscapes captured of the exotic valley.

SK Music Works in the last few years has found some unfailing adulation among music enthusiasts. Not only because the label knows how to hit the right chord, but also because every song easily shifts gears between dreamy pop, intelligent alt-rock, intricate Hindustani classical with equal ease and turns in some unforgettable hooks and brilliant orchestration.

Music Composer Siddharth Kasyap says “Meherbaan is a very unique song. Musically we have experimented with fusions of two different genres that blended very well in the song. The specialty of this song is that every singer is singing in different ranges”.

Terence Lewis quotes saying “I’m honored & overwhelmed working with SK Music Works. Siddharth Kasyap is a visionary, rarely do I come across people who are so passionate about their work, Siddharth is one of them. Working on the song was an outstanding experience. Meherbaan is like a warm cup of chai on a rainy day, cozy, pleasant & intimate”.

COO Sk music Sanober Herekar *works as a company but we work like a boutique record label. Our owner himself is a composer and artist and we want to create & promote independent music and artists. But the one principle we have is whatever we do, we create uniqueness. Every song is different than the other, with different music, different voices, and even different stories. Once we establish our mark in the industry, we will be able to provide and promote individual artists a bigger platform for their music.

Actor Sarah Anjuli quotes saying “Acting in a romantic song has always been a dream. This is a beautiful song with touching lyrics & beautiful music. I was in love with the song the moment I heard it. After all, it is composed by a man who can never go wrong Siddharth Kasyap. A definite winner, that you must have on your playlist”.

Director Aziz Zee says “Love changes everything. Had a great time directing Terence and Sarah. The music, lyrics, singers & the star cast is top-notch”.

Singer Sumedha Karmahe says ” It’s a dream for any singer to work with a gigantic company. Lucky me, I got a chance to work with SK Music Works. Meherbaan is not just a song but an emotion that’ll melt you down and make you fall in love again. This song will make you feel and realize the importance of unconditional love”.

Singer Mohammed Irfan says “It’s always a pleasure to work with Siddharth ji. He’s a very talented musician and his versatility is evident in his last few releases. Meherbaan is a song that expresses intense emotions and it was an enjoyable experience working on this track. It’s very different from the last song I did with SK Music Works, Jaana Hai Toh Jaa. I’m sure Terence Lewis has done a fabulous job in the video and people should enjoy this song”.

Singer Raja Hasan says “It is a beautiful track, my personal favorite. I would like to congratulate SK Music Works for believing in me yet again. There is a new experiment in the song, people will know once they hear it. I hope the audience will like it as much as we do”.  

Lyricist Raqueeb Alam says “The song narrates love, romance & passion.  It does not give momentary pleasure, it makes your soul happy. Simple words, but very layered melodies, and that’s the best combination that describes Meherbaan.

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