Saregama presents the romantic ‘tapori’ song of the season ‘Heartfail’

Saregama presents the romantic ‘tapori’ song of the season ‘Heartfail’ Ft.popular duo Awez Darbar and Nagma Mirajkar and the inimitable Satish Kaushik, sung by Mika Singh, and composed by Shaarib and Toshi

After causing an Internet stir by the alleged news of their marriage, Awez Darbar and Nagma Mirajkar have finally put rumours to rest by releasing their new single – Heartfail . Released by Saregama, the song has been sung by Mika Singh, composed by Shaarib Toshi, and is poised to be a romantic tapori number of the season.

The song hits all the mischievous and playful notes when the tapori lover boy Awez – as ‘Jigarwala BF’ – woos the love of his life, Nagma – as Sharmili GF. But he first has to go through Pyar Ka Hitler Satish Kaushik – who plays Nagma’s dad, who is much opposed to their match. Much frolic and banter ensue between the two opposing camps – all leading to a great twist in the end, that turns the table dramatically.

Peppy, upbeat, and exuding a casual tapori vibe, “Heartfail” is catchy and makes you break into a dance effortlessly. Some really killer dance moves by Awez and Nagma, a cute hook step that even makes the loveable Satish Kaushik shake a leg or two “Heartfail” is here to take over your year end playlist.

Singer Mika Singh says, “It’s a fun filled song and an entertaining one too and I m sure the audience will love this one too “

Awez Darbar says, “Heartfail will surely be an anthem, It was an amazing experience for me shooting with Satish Kaushikji, Song sung by Mika Singh, Nagma and I had an awesome time while shooting this song and the whole experience will always be memorable.

Nagma Mirajkar says, “I had a complete blast on the sets of “heart fail song shoot “, the song is so much fun and I hope the audience enjoys watching it as much as we had shooting it’

Satish Kaushik says, “Awez and Nagma are sweethearts, the whole experiencing working with new age talent is enriching, I completely cherished every moment

Music Composer Shaarib and Toshi, “It’s a complete entertaining song and perfect for the season, Mika Singh is a live wire and the song is beautifully shot, Awez and Nagma along with Satishji takes it to another level.

Singer – Mika Singh; Lyrics – Manoj Yadav; Music – Shaarib and Toshi; Video Director – Prince Gupta; Actors – Satish Kaushik, Awez Darbar, Nagma Mirajkar

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